DC motors with double transmission

We know that a big problem in the construction of robots unprofessional often the result of non-standard mechanical elements in order to work without any restrictions, you will need to have a large workshop equipped with some tools and devices. Know it also manufacturers components for robotics enthusiasts and therefore introduced to their range of all sorts of amenities. One of the most interesting proposals for people who build their mobile work is a direct current motor with double gear. They allow you to quickly and easily build a functional mobile platform.


Voltage to
Voltage from
Motor - current
Motor - gear
Rotation speed
Motor - shaft
Motor - 2x shaft

The easiest drive mobile robots

Of course, the simplest form of construction of mobile robots is a wheeled platform with two independent drives. If you have two engines you can choose the design of a similar machine (one motor for drive and another for processing on driven wheels). However, much the best solution, enabling easy and effective management, is the use of two side wheels (right and left) running on two separate engines. This solution allows to control the motion parameters, the choice of direction and speed; you can even twist in place (and any other radius). DC motors with double transmission allows You to build a chassis platform with just a few items – enough that przykręcisz them in a small mounting plate and add one of the available in our store supporting the balls, and you get an aesthetic and highly versatile mobile robot.

Universal sets drive Tamiya

Available in our offer kit Tamiya 70097 includes two 3-volt DC motors with maximum current consumption of 2.1 A (with idle current is only 150), equipped with an independent, symmetrically mounted gearboxes. Interestingly, you can customize the degree the gear ratios of both gears, by setting appropriately the gear wheel. In translation 58:1 you get the output speed equal to 200 rpm and torque 2.0 kg*cm If you choose the slower the rotation (60 rpm), you will receive in return a very high torque – to 7.3 kg*cm, which is ideal for robots and Rovers and tracked vehicles. In this category you will also find a DC motor with a double gear marking, article 70168 – which offers four settings gear: 12,7:1, 38:1, 115:1 and 344:1, and which has a torque range from 0,4 kg*cm to 12 kg*cm.

Practical tips for dual-mechanisms

When planning the design of the robot with all-wheel drive based on DC motors with double transmission, it is sufficient to provide two mounting holes with a diameter of 3 mm and a centre distance of 50 mm (for model 70097) or 60 mm (for version 70168). Shafts weekends both types of mechanisms have a cross section in the form of a 3-mm hexagon that provides compatibility with set of wheels crawler Tamiya 70100, sports wheels 70111. When planning electronics it is worth remembering that the motor drivers must be able to work with a continuous current of at least 2.1 And (it is desirable, however, to have a certain amount of power), as otherwise may automatically shut down (and in the worst case even damage) when the engine is running at maximum capacity, mechanical.