Here we present the most popular products in the Botland store offer! There are only the highest quality consumer electronics used to comprehensively create electronic projects. Our proposal has been prepared for both electronics enthusiasts and professionals (individual programmers, public institutions, enterprises).

Automation, robotics, mechanics, electronics and programming are fields that will certainly be more and more popular. In our offer you can find programmable tiles for embedded systems, elements for building robots, workshop tools. We also propose the purchase of good literature - books that constitute a broad compendium of theoretical and practical knowledge for every DIY.

Here you will find products that are most often chosen by our customers. To make them easier to view, we've grouped them into several subcategories, such as Arduino, Raspberry, other minicomputers, Internet of Things projects, 3D printers, drones and controlled vehicles, as well as ... robots!

Our offer also includes starter kits that will be an ideal choice for people who are just starting their adventure with programmable electronics. Check what we have prepared for you!


  • Arduino Arduino

    Arduino is already known as one of the best interactive programming printed circuit boards (PCB) developer and provider that becomes more and more popular. Arduino is both the name of the company and the brand given to most of its products. Arduino devices are small computers...

  • Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi

    These days, embedded systems are a fundamental part of many consumer electronics devices and professional industrial heavy-duty applications. The term “embedded system” is often associated with a single-board computer (SBC). It’s a credit card-sized...

  • Miniature computers other Miniature computers other

    Miniature computers - In store Botland there are many different minicomputers on a wide range of applications, options, available accessories and prices. Miniature computers are often called PCs jednopłytkowymi like that are systems that are composed of only one FEE, which...

  • BBC micro:bit BBC micro:bit

    In the category of" bi-bi-si Microbit we offer a wide selection of sets with the plates deviations Micro:bit , and also independently acquired modules , as well as appropriate accessories . Miniature computers, Micro:bit was created by bi-bi-si to promote the engineering...

  • 3D printing / CNC 3D printing / CNC

    3D printing is a term for various production techniques in which a product is built up layer by layer. A 3D printer adds material to an object until the desired shape is reached. This is a form of additive manufacturing which is an excellent alternative to sub-additive...

  • Intelligent building Intelligent building

    The house can be used in intelligent building of today is not the slightest problem. The question concerns only the level of training of home automation. The solution from this category, you can limit yourself to simple gadgets (e.g. remote control light or run music through...

  • System Grove System Grove

    The Grove system - embedded System is an area of computer technology that is constantly gaining popularity among both Amateurs and professionals. Modules series Grove from Seeed Studio are another, interesting proposal in this area. In our assortment you will find more...

  • Drones and RC cars Drones and RC cars

    Drones and RC vehicles - a Category that in recent years was not a small development. In the beginning regarded as small toys , are now often used in larger scale RC drones are devices, leading more and more popularity. Used in film, advertising, photography , and simple...

  • Robots Robots

    Robots in our time, much more complex design than even a few years ago, the advances in technology have significantly improved these machines. Currently, it is not only simple toys , like controlled cars, boats or planes, it is now also complex robots, walking, robotic...

  • Books and courses Books and courses

    In this category you will find an extremely wide variety of materials that will allow You to not only learn new skills but also to systematize their knowledge. We offer books, courses, magazines and instruction for both experienced and novice people who make their first steps...

Products by page

Products by page

Embedded systems and minicomputers with extension overlays

Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms are real bestsellers since their first appearance on the market. An integrated development environment, an extensive interface and a large community of users sharing their projects online are just some of the advantages of these platforms.

In addition to the basic minicomputer modules, we also offer compatible overlays, which you can use to build a multi-node mini-wireless network, intelligent building automation installation, meteorological station, music synthesizer and many other interesting and practical devices. You can use ready-made projects that you will find in the instructions and on the websites of manufacturers. You can also rely on your creativity and start creating unplayable devices. Everything depends only on you!

Build your very own robot!

There are many tasks, both hobby and professional, in which robots can play a key role. Perhaps you have often asked yourself the question "How to build a robot?". This is a question that results in another - "where to start building your own projects?". Even the smallest toy robot is built of mechanical gears, sensors, programmed microcontroller controlling the robot, drive motors and servomechanisms. Added to this are various input and output devices, communication and signal devices, as well as wires and screws.

You will find the most popular elements necessary for the construction and programming of robots in the Botland store offer. For beginners, we have prepared educational kits to learn the basics of robotics from the practical side in a simple and accessible way.

At Botland, however, you will buy both separate components and ready-made kits that will help you program and build robots.

For example, if you intend to use Arduino, select the printed circuit board, and then select the Arduino Shields that interest you. You can choose from dozens of types. Each tile has a different use. Do you want to add motors to the robot so that it can move? Or maybe you want to program it to listen to voice commands? No problem!

Arduino and Raspberry – the most popular programmable electronics

In our store you will find everything that is related to modernity and new technologies. We offer the purchase of drones, 3D printers and other smart devices. In addition, we place great emphasis on the presentation of Arduino and Raspberry sets.

It is hardly surprising - the programmable electronics of the above manufacturers are already known all over the world. By buying this type of product, you can build your own devices instead of buying ready-made. Check on the internet how easy it is to make your own mobile vacuum cleaner from Arduino tiles or another useful product at home.

Programmable electronics is also used by children studying in kindergartens and schools. New technology enthusiasts love it. Of course, more advanced kits deserve recognition, which contribute to the development of science (we actively cooperate with many research centers!).

We invite you to familiarize yourself with all the most popular products of the Botland store. We guarantee that you will have great satisfaction with these purchases!