Modules Ethernet

We offer modules Ethernet high quality. We have a wide selection of different devices to access the Ethernet network. The available network gateways, IoT (Internet of Things), gateway, Bluetooth, lining the Arduino, using a variety of microprocessors, modules, network cards, expansion minikomputera Onion Omega 2, the device increases the signal strength of WiFi and multiple network modules connecting to the Ethernet network via the SPI interface.

Modules Ethernet

Ethernet is the most widely used standard in local networks. Used in schools, offices and homes. It is a technology that supports the operation of the device in the United local area networks (LAN). Ethernet has the task to control the processes of data transfer over the network. Also exercises control over the transfer method and format of data – it is about to configure them so that other network devices (e.g., another router, laptop or minikomputer Raspberry Pi) was not able to recognize them and respond.

The proposed device

One of the most interesting devices that we offer is a base station LoRaWAN. Combines the features of Ethernet and wi-fi. Easy to connect with it device Internet of Things (IoT). The product is adapted to local conditions, and all other in this category works with the frequency 868 MHz (for EU). Has a range of up to 10 km, and standards-based, Open-source, so you can easily modify to suit your needs. The range includes also a universal network Ethernet card. This module is designed for line sets ATB ATNEL company. You can easily use it in their projects due to available a specially prepared library. We also offer a product that allows you to access the iNode Bluetooth BLE devices connected to the network with the Ethernet Protocol. Is a module that allows you to track the location of iNode Nav and increases the range of the sensors iNode Care Sensor. In our assortment you will find also router (WiFi Netis E1+) – Wi-Fi adapter that can be connected to a standard electrical outlet of 230 V. the Device works just like a amplifier wi-fi, increasing the signal strength and the radius of the network.

One of the most simple products is adapter, Ethernet adapter, Power over Ethernet (PoE). It is a device that is designed to power network devices using the popular twisted-pair (conveniently in the absence of access to the grid).