DC motors micro gear

DC motors micro gear, belong to the group of motors fed by a constant current. Have a very small size and thereby proven themselves in projects of electronic devices where miniaturization is important, for example, robots or remotely operated vehicles. Reducer is used to reduce the frequency of rotation of the motor shaft and increase its torque, making the final device can withstand more weight. In this category you will find a wide selection of DC motors micro gear – we offer models at High Power (high power and energy consumption), Medium Power (average power and well-balanced current consumption) and Low Power (low power and low energy consumption). Also available karbonowymi motors with brushes that have a very long life and durability. Most of the devices available in this category the brand was established Pololu, which is among the world leaders of electronic elements and components for the manufacture of robots.



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Products by page

DC motors micro gear

DC motors micro gear is very often used in small electronic devices, where every millimeter of gold. This engine, fed by a constant current, therefore, the most common source of electricity in equipment that has a drive of this type are rechargeable batteries or disposable batteries, and sometimes a special power supply, converting the alternating current from the mains into direct current. Mechanical box located in the engine reduces the speed of rotation of the shaft while increasing torque. This allows the use of such drive devices that require a lower speed but the application of greater effort. An excellent example can be a comparison of two projects – remote controlled toy race cars and robotycznego shoulder. In the case samochodzika usually best fit an engine with more speed, and in the hand more comfortably is the engine with high torque.

Power and current consumption

In small devices, which often are driven by DC motors micro gear, is of great importance to optimize the power with respect to consumption of electricity. In particular, this applies to equipment that must be powered by batteries or batteries, as the increase in the number of elements (in order to provide more power for the same operation) should lead to an increase in mass of the device and increasing its size. Therefore, DC motors micro gearbox is available in three versions: High Power, Medium Power and Low Power. The powerful motors are characterized by very high performance, which, however, affects a large demand for electricity. Well suited for use in projects where the highest engine power, and long operation time on a single charge, or reducing the size and weight of the device (for sensor supply) are of secondary importance. The motors have a Medium Power average power and consume the average amount of electrical energy, they represent a universal solution is suitable in cases when you are not sure which model to choose, or plan to use one engine for several different projects. But the Low Power motors have little power and have low current consumption, so ideal for devices in which the most important is reducing the weight and dimensions (without additional units) or a maximum increase in time of operation on a single charge.

What products you will find in this category

In this section, we offer a wide range of DC motors with micro manual transmission with High Power, Medium Power and Low Power. In addition, you will also find a series of engines of High power with karbonowymi brushes that allow you to increase the durability and reliability of the device. The products available in this section were created by two acclaimed producers – Pololu Motors and N20. The device these companies are of high quality materials and meticulous execution, and is also compatible with the same accessories.