Accurate digital scales are useful in many applications from professional, repair, accessories. Of great importance here is not only their enormous precision, but also ease of use. Weigh items, the weight of which is limited to just a few grams, it was probably earlier, but then (when still dominated by the traditional large-scale weight) will require considerable skill and patience. Today, electronic scales do not require any practices for basic measurements – just put them on the subject to get an accurate reading.



Many additional features

Digital pocket scales available in our store greatly facilitates the work of many specialists. The basic unit in which they make measurements, of course, grams (g), however, if you change the settings, you can determine the mass of objects also in carats (ct), pennyweights (abbreviated as dwt), grains (decrease of gn), ounces and ounces horses (oz or ozt) and tl (a unit of weight used in Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong). Precision pocket scales is often 0.01 g, although in a very large range is reduced to 0.1 g. our Proposed models allow weighting of items, not exceeding 100-200, and in some cases 500 g (model MH-series 500g and IRF-520 – 200 g/500 g). We also have one model that performs measurements in the range up to 1000 g (DP-01 – 1000 g/0.1 g).

Weight, which facilitates the work

With electronic scales with an accuracy of 0.01 g used to be like electronics, for example, for weighing chemicals for etching printed circuit boards) and the seller (the descriptions of products very often provide their weight), as well as jewelers and manufacturers of products hand-made or DIY. These devices are, however, additional functions that facilitate work – both stationary and repair (in-site, mobile stand, etc.): backlight display, auto power off weights in order to save batteries, or calibration. The most advanced model – the already mentioned DP-01 - 1000 g/0.1 oz – offers advanced calculator to calculate the value of the goods, and also built-in clock and thermometer.

For measuring large masses

If you want to weigh large objects weighing up to several kilograms, to test existing models of electronic scales Esperanza. They have a very good ratio of price and quality and is available in several versions. Provide a weighing range up to 5 kg with an accuracy of 1 g and eat a typical kinds of batteries. In our store you will also find a very practical Luggage weight size just 140x30x28 mm. This portable device allows you to easily measure various objects weighing up to 50 kg with only one condition – that they were equipped with a holder that can be mounted on scales.