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The best method of learning is learning through practice. That's why assembling robots yourself is so fascinating and helpful. Nevertheless, very good results will be achieved when the adventure with automation and programmable electronics begins with educational kits (e.g. Arduino started educational kits) and books.


  • Newspapers Newspapers

    The best method of learning is learning through practice. That's why assembling robots yourself is so fascinating and helpful. Nevertheless, very good results will be achieved when the adventure with automation and programmable electronics begins with educational kits...

  • Educational games Educational games

    Educational games for children are a great way to have fun and learn at the same time. Products available in this category effectively teach not only creative and logical thinking, but also extremely useful problem solving skills. Depending on the level of sophistication of...

  • Courses Forbot Courses Forbot

    Courses signed with the Forbot brand today have the interest of a huge group of electronics enthusiasts. People who are just starting their adventure with programmable electronics and robots, as well as more experienced users choose easy and effective Forbot courses. Anyone...

  • Video courses Video courses

    Video courses that teach programming and the basics of robotics are highly valued among enthusiasts of these topics. First of all, they allow you to see exactly how to make a connection (e.g. H bridge), how to connect cables, how to program an Arduino or Raspberry Pi board.

  • Books on electronics Books on electronics

    Ever since they began to appear, books have always been a treasury of knowledge. It is no different in the case of books on electronics and robotics. Although today there are many books on electronics (and from year to year more and more), it is definitely worth being up to...

  • Books for programmers Books for programmers

    In this category we have prepared for you the best selection of books for programmers. Here you will find extremely interesting books for beginner, intermediate and advanced programmers. By purchasing such publications, it will be easier for you to take your first steps in the...

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    Today robotics is a rapidly growing field. Despite the fact that it concerns the latest technologies, it is also worth acquiring knowledge in a classic way. To this end, it is worth reaching for books on robotics presented in this category.

  • Books about mikrokontrolerach Books about mikrokontrolerach

    Microcontrollers are advanced integrated circuits with usually quite autonomous operations. They consist of a microprocessor system, which, unlike a microprocessor, does not require the use of additional components. The microcontrollers are adapted for direct cooperation with...

Products by page

Products by page

In this category you will find many educational materials that will allow you not only to acquire new skills, but also to systematize your knowledge. We offer books, courses, instructional magazines and manuals for individual mechanical devices. Products available in this category are intended for both advanced and beginning constructors. It doesn't matter if you are just taking your first steps in robotics, mechanics and electronics, or if you are already advanced. Here you will find materials that will help you acquire new knowledge. Programming and robotics are fields that are developing very quickly. New technologies are patented virtually every week! Therefore, there are plenty of new things worth learning all the time.

What is more, educational games for children of all ages are also available in the Botland store. Such games teach creative and logical thinking. They develop useful problem solving skills. In turn, in this category and its sub-categories you will find many different kind of interesting educational courses that will increasingly improve your mechanical and programming skills!

Building your own robots will become much easier. We invite you to place orders!

Educational books and courses for engineers and advanced constructors

In our offer you will find both foreign titles that have been translated and books from native authors. In a sense, all publications can be divided into two types. The first discuss selected issues in a holistic, comprehensive manner. The second ones focus more on new solutions, presenting them in an accessible way. All publications are characterized by the highest substantive level. Thanks to this, learning becomes effective and enjoyable!

At Botland, many kind of educational materials, books and courses on robotics are available. In this category you will also find educational courses in the field of machine programming and electronics, which are intended for advanced constructors. These types of items are characterized not only by a simple language understood even by beginners, but also by a large number of illustrated instructions that will make any new project a success. Books in this category are distinguished by their extraordinary practicality, thanks to which you can immediately transform the acquired knowledge into a project.

We also offer books for those interested in robotics, thanks to which you will learn all the most important information related to this field of science, and also construct your first robot that will be controlled wirelessly. What's more, our offer also includes titles for engineers who would like to build a fully autonomous robot, functioning without human intervention from scratch.

Other educational materials for robotics and mechanics maniacs

The Botland store offers extremely interesting courses that will help you learn the basics of electronics. You receive from us not only online training, but also a set of the most important accessories that will help you start your adventure with this field of science. Electronics is extremely interesting, and most importantly, it can be used to create many practical projects.

In this category you will also find magazines in English, from which you will learn all the most important news about the extremely popular Rabsberry Pi minicomputer and Arduino systems. The projects described in detail using this device are very inspiring and will help you deepen your knowledge. In addition, we also offer guides and courses to make programming easier!

Develop your programming skills with Botland!

Some says time is money. But above all time mostly is a sphere of potential development of your skills!

Gain new knowledge with publications sold by Botland. Thanks to the titles available in our store, you will gain new knowledge and practical skills that will help you develop not only a hobby, but may also be the key to changing jobs. Books for engineers and constructors that you will find in our store are an invaluable source of practical and, above all, theoretical knowledge.