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In this category you will find an extremely wide variety of materials that will allow You to not only learn new skills but also to systematize their knowledge. We offer books, courses, magazines and instruction for both experienced and novice people who make their first steps in the field of robotics, mechanics, electronics and other technical fields. In addition, the store Botland available educational games for children of different ages who are studying, creative and logical thinking, as well as an extremely useful problem-solving skills. Moreover, you will find a wide range of exciting courses, making fit specific training to the needs of the listener is not a problem. This section also provides interesting material for a mechanic who would like to meet from scratch, working principles of machines and equipment.


  • Newspapers Newspapers

    The store Botland you will find magazines on electronics is not only experienced, but beginners and people who put their first steps in this field. The MagPi is available in our range is one of the most popular magazines published in the English language, thanks to which you...

  • Educational games Educational games

    Educational games for kids teach not only creative and logical thinking, but also very useful problem solving skills. In our store you will find products for students at any age, so the choice of a particular model, no problem. There is no better idea to spend free time with...

  • Courses Forbot Courses Forbot

    Courses Forbot - we Offer a wide range of kits for courses FORBOT , which are used to study electronics . Easily you can choose one of the courses that contain microcontrollers Arduino or Raspberry Pi or Discovery in different versions (except of course). In addition,...

  • Video courses Video courses

    The store Botland you will find a very interesting video courses, designed for advanced and novice people who want to gain new knowledge in the technical fields of science. We offer online courses on various subjects, so the choice of a specific product of the moving of the...

  • Books on electronics Books on electronics

    Books on electronics are a very valuable source of knowledge at each stage of learning. Allows not only to systematize the received knowledge, but also create a solid Foundation for further study of this region. In our product range you will find a wide selection of books...

  • Books for programmers Books for programmers

    In our offer you will find a very interesting book for programmers, is designed not only for advanced but also for novice people who put their first steps in the world of programming. A wide range of Botland store does that fit specific themes in accordance with the...

  • Books for robotyków Books for robotyków

    Books for robotyków available in our store, designed for both beginners and more experienced fans of robotics who want to systematize and expand their knowledge. We offer items written not only foreign experts, but also domestic engineers with years of experience. In addition...

  • Books about mikrokontrolerach Books about mikrokontrolerach

    Books about mikrokontrolerach available in our store, is designed not only for advanced but also for novice people who want to learn new things. We offer the headers, thanks to which usystematyzujesz established and acquired knowledge, and can apply it in practice. In Botland...

Products by page

Products by page

Books and courses for engineers and designers

In our offer you will find as foreign names in an accurate way, have been translated into the Polish language, like books of Russian authors, with many years of experience supported by numerous successes in its field. In Botland available headers of different difficulty levels designed for designers. Such objects are characterized not only simple language, understandable even for beginners, but also a large number of illustrated instructions for each new project succeeds. Books in this category are very practical, which provided the knowledge you can turn into a project. We also offer books for those interested in robotics, thanks to which you will learn all aspects associated with this area of science, and in addition, make your first robot to be controlled wirelessly. Moreover, in our offer there are also names for engineers who want to build a fully Autonomous robot that operates without human intervention. Shop Botland available very interesting courses from which you will learn the basics of electronics. You get from us is not only online learning but the most important set of accessories that will help You begin with this area of science. Electronics is very interesting, and most importantly, it can help to create a lot of practical projects.

Other materials for robotics and mechanics

The store Botland you will find Newspapers, in particular, in the English language, of which you will learn all the main novelties of the hugely popular minikomputerze Rabsberry PI. Described projects using this device is very inspiring and will help You to deepen your knowledge. In addition, we also offer tutorials and courses to help you learn step by step how to design simple and more complex projects.

Get new knowledge with us

Thanks tytułom available in our store, you will get new knowledge and practical skills that will help You to develop not only a hobby, but they can also be the key to a job change. Books for engineers and designers that you will find in our store is an invaluable source of practical and, above all, of theoretical knowledge.