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The very first release of Arduino took place already in 2005. Basically, everything has changed since that moment! Over the past several years, Arduino has gained a lot of loyal fans. Electronics enthusiasts from around the world buy original printed circuit boards (PCBs), on the basis of which they build countless quantities of creative constructions. Many projects are used by the world of science, many of them are used to educate children in schools. Among the various designs, more advanced functional systems also deserve attention. Workshop improvements, home innovations, interactive toys, professional devices and laboratory systems – all of these can be now created with Arduino. In this category we present various Arduino Shields overlays that will be useful during building and programming!


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Products by page

Products by page

What should I know about Arduino Shields? Most important parameters

Arduino Shield tiles (PCBs) are hardware overlays, mechanically and electrically compatible with Arduino main modules (mainly Arduino Uno). Arduino Shields are installed directly on the tiles. Full compatibility and expandability make it possible to reach for various overlays. This effect was achieved by using appropriate connectors (mainly 2.54 mm gold pins) and the appropriate voltage level (usually 3.3 V, 5 V). As a result, you can also connect modules created by other recommended companies to Arduino boards.

Technically, when choosing Arduino Shields, you should check the power of the control devices, especially with such modules that are responsible for the operation of engines or the sound system. The power supply can be carried out in two ways - through the low-power Arduino Shields power supply system and the main high-power system of the main part (or added amplifiers).

Types of Arduino extensions – I/O devices, steering overlays and more

In this category you will find a wide range of overlays that extend the possibilities of Arduino boards with the communication functions and not only. After installing the overlay (Arduino Shield) you will be able to use and manage various types of input and output devices (I/O). In addition to numerous modules with displays (LED, LCD, OLED), keyboards, joysticks and even special touch panels, you will also be able to order a number of boards that give Arduino the opportunity to connect with the outside world!

Particular Arduino extensions enable you to connect your project via Ethernet or RS485 rail. You can add a radio installation or program your robot to work with the earlier developed mobile application! What is more, check out the Arduino Shield with integrated GSM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication modules, with GPS geolocation devices and ISM overlays (Xbee).

Arduino – executive modules, expanders and much more

In the world of microcontrollers and microcomputers, many different additional modules for Arduino are extremely popular among hobbyists and professionals. You need to know that programmable electronics are not just the main modules (PCBs), but also additional accessories and extensions necessary for their expansions. All products in this category can be divided into several basic types:

  • Arduino Shields extending the possibilities of device control,
  • add-ons in the form of sensors and sound modules,
  • overlays responsible for communication between devices,
  • Arduino output expanders.

Choose from a lot of overlays (Arduino Shields) that will give you the ability to control external devices. Your attention deserves both simple boards with one or more electromagnetic relays, as well as more complex integrated circuits, microprocessors, LED diode controllers and RGB strips. In this extensive category of our online store you will also find advanced motors and multi-channel controllers.

Why should you buy extensions for Arduino? First of all, thanks to them you will be able to build a really advanced project. In fact, the impossible does not exist with Arduino. Nothing prevents you from creating an interactive, unifying robot!