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Within a few years of development, the Arduino platform has gained legions of loyal fans, which are based on the original plates, as countless, compatible clones, create thousands of projects. Although many of these designs are used only in learning programming and electronics, as well as a good, informative entertainment, it is a significant part represents a fully functional device. Let's exchange here, for example, improving services, all kinds of domestic innovation, but also toys or even fully professional devices and systems used in the laboratories and studios of professionals. The success of the Arduino decided, however, not only user-friendly software and designed the project modules, the main important Arduino Shield plate.


  • Arduino Shield, controllers of motors and servos Arduino Shield, controllers of motors and servos

    The tiles are based on the Arduino comes with a set of ports of the type input/output (I/O). The maximum current which can ensure the output of the Arduino, that's fine. 40 mA and the maximum operating voltage of the I/O port is 5 V. this Creates sufficient conditions to power...

  • Arduino Shield keyboards and displays Arduino Shield keyboards and displays

    Information visualization for the user can be implemented in electronic devices in different ways. Among them the most popular are the displays 7-segment, LED, indicators and displays, LCD (LCD), which have the greatest possibilities of visualization of information using...

  • Arduino Shield sensors and sound Arduino Shield sensors and sound

    Sound plays a very important role in both industrial and home use – also those about the quality of the entertainment. The alarm sound is very often used in alarms with tamper protection, and warning systems that use sensors that are designed to signal the occurrence of the...

  • Arduino Shield connection Arduino Shield connection

    Arduino is a platform already known very well in the solutions developed for embedded systems. Simple interface and integrated development environment for the creation of many interesting and practical projects. In addition to the standard equipment of the hardware and...

  • Arduino Shield extenders findings Arduino Shield extenders findings

    In the world of microcontrollers, built on the basis of microcomputers, very popular among Amateurs and professionals use the Arduino system. Arduino is not only modules, but also necessary for their expansion accessories and expansion modules. Among these modules is very...


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Products by page

Products by page

What is it and what is the Arduino Shield?

Tile Arduino Shield, this lining hardware that is compatible for mechanical and electric drive, with the main modules Arduino (basically an Arduino Uno). Compatible this means, firstly, the appropriate gauge and type of connectors (in this role immortal goldpiny 2.54 mm), and secondly the corresponding voltage levels and distribution of insights which allow connection to Arduino Shield modules from different manufacturers (as well as self-developed DIY projects). A typical power supply voltage levels of the pad (as well as the core modules) are 3.3 V and 5 V, although you should know that most of the tile has a separate Arduino Shield connector (most commonly a screw) for connecting the external supply voltage. This is particularly important in control systems for devices of large capacity, for example, motors or audio speakers. In such cases, the system receives two separate sources of supply: part of a digital (Arduino and layouts niskomocowe same pads) and some high power (e.g., bridges H or the output of the amplifier).

Arduino Shield – models of connectors and control

In this category you will find a wide range of nozzles that extend the capabilities of the tiles on the Arduino to communicate with you. In addition to the many modules, displays (LED, LCD, OLED) as well as keyboards, joysticks and touch panels, are available here as well, a number of plates that gives the Arduino can communicate with the outside world. And it's not just wired (via Ethernet, differential, RS485 bus or CAN), but also radio. In this latter group deserve special attention lining Arduino Shield with integrated communication modules (GSM, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and GPS, though not also not enough simple interfaces radios operating in the ISM band (e.g. Xbee).

Modules run and not only

In the category of Arduino Shield you will find in addition, numerous plates, with the possibility of controlling external devices. From simple plates containing one, two or four relay, solenoid, through the controller of led RGB strips, to sophisticated drivers stepper motors, DC and multi-channel controllers, servos and modeling. Everyone who is planning to build a robot or other motorized machine, you'll get exactly what you need. The great advantage of such a wide offer is the fact that a properly fitted lining frees the designer-developer from having to create a new PCB. They reduce the commitment of the designer (associated with the hardware side of the project) in the role of integrator of turnkey solutions. It is not only much easier, but also significant savings of time and... money.