The sets of capacitors

The sets of capacitors - In this category we offer a specially prepared sets of capacitors of different types and different capacities. The condenser is one of the main passive elements used in electronics. While working on the project capacitors are often the necessary part of the system, so that the device can operate normally. One of the most popular applications is the use of a capacitor constructing a filter having a clean electrical signal. The range of the sets consisting of capacitors, the most commonly used sizes of containers.


RLC - Tolerance
RLC - Resistance
RLC - Capacity

The sets of capacitors

In our directory you will find trained professionals sets of capacitors, the most popular, the most desired size of the container. This is a great way to Supplement your electronics workshop. Having a whole set of such components to avoid a situation in which in the course of the project you will have to stop working due to the lack of relevant elements.

What is the difference between capacitors?

Capacitors are passive electronic components that find application in many areas. The main feature distinguishing between them the material from which they are built popular capacitors are electrolytic and ceramic. Other important properties is the value of the nominal voltage, the exact dimensions of the item and a fixture for mounting: problems (THT) or surface (SMD). When installing the electrolytic capacitors need to be aware of the correct connecting component with respect to the direction of polarization (in ceramic capacitors does not matter). Also here is the breakdown voltage, resistance, series and parallel, resistance of the element to aging and temperature stability (degree of change of parameters with temperature fluctuations). The last factor is price - the cost of individual items is small, but in large quantities, this aspect may be more important. Electrolytic capacitors are characterized by generally higher cost than ceramic.

What do we offer?

The assortment of the store offers sets of electrolytic capacitors made according to the technology of TNT. In each of the sets includes the 12 most popular values of capacitors in the range of between 1 UF and 4700 UF. There are ceramic capacitors THT (included the 10 most popular values) there were no capacitors, monolithic (with the organizer).