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Laboratory power supplies are very useful tools both at the stage of prototyping, as with the calibration when assembling electronic devices, but also during testing and various repair. Their design allows you to adjust the power settings in real time. If you are building devices that require the functioning of a user-defined value of the supply voltage, and you want to accurately develop a section of the power supply, the power supply unit, black, with tension adjustment is a good, practical solution. Our offer for schools and colleges equipped in the laboratory of the scientific-educational.


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What is a laboratory power supply and for what purposes is it needed?

Laboratory power supply is a device is the power source into electrical energy with the possibility of regulation of its output parameters, and, ultimately, output parameters are current and voltage, with the constant passage of time. The ability to adjust these parameters makes it the laboratory power supply universal power supply of different devices, both at the stage of design, installation, testing and maintenance, and excludes for these purposes it is necessary to have multiple power sources jednonapięciowych with various output parameters, with no control. The power supply is adjustable, you can easily set as a source of direct current, for example, to study the characteristics of semiconductor diodes, but also as a source stałonapięciowe to check the operability of electronic elements such as relays or circuits. Digital displays segment, allow for easy and quick reading of the output parameters of the power supply.

Selection criteria a good power supply workshops

Power pack, black Before buying, you should pay attention to the basic parameters of the power supply regulated in this way to better meet the technical requirements when performing work. The first thing to be followed is the maximum output parameters of the PSU current and voltage, so you will easily be able to run their projects. In addition, an important functional feature is the ability to continuously, independent adjustment of output parameters, i.e. voltage and maximum load current, as well as the ability to adjust these parameters in roughing and accurate solutions. If you are a beginner in electronics, built-in adjustable output current, allows You to manually set a safe limit for the maximum load current to greatly reduce the risk of damage to the components in Your system electronics. Furthermore, the embedded over voltage protection, short-circuit-proof and overload-also have a beneficial effect on safety at work. In many cases, the use of power adapter jednokanałowego will be enough, but for more complex projects that require several different values of voltage, typically power supply multi-channel (e.g., available in our range unit UTP3305), and when performing series production of electronic devices of the same type with a recurring pattern of running and installation, it will be useful the possibility to save output settings in a programmable memory. The presence of a method of converting AC voltage from mains into DC voltage, the power supply of the laboratory is built as a pulsed and linear. Switching power supplies are small size and weight, but a classic linear power supplies equipped with a transformer and a linear voltage regulator, and work great when powered analog circuits are sensitive to voltage fluctuations as their design creates a noise signal of high frequency. The practical element of the manufacture of power supplies, digital displays, segmented, make it easier to read the output parameters.