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Converters step-down , a Category in which we offer converters step-down, that is, a device with which many other devices can work correctly and stably. As the name indicates, converters step-down to reduce the input voltage. In our assortment you can find step down converters that were previously equipped with protection against high voltage and temperature, which allows to increase the safety of operation, is one of the most important aspects of working with electronics.


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Stabilizers and transformers.

Converters step-down that You get in our store Botland is an alternative to the linear stabilizers on much larger opportunities. The linear stabilizers are used to maintain a constant output voltage through the use of additional element, usually a transistor. Control system monitors the output voltage and, if necessary, adjusts the voltage, which allows to obtain interference will not occur in food, and it's all at a low purchase price and ease of operation, but not without flaws. The excess is converted into heat and has no ability to change the voltage and here is the alternative as converters step-down.

The principle of operation of step down converters

The pulse converters operate on a simple principle, electronic circuit includes a coil, which is switched periodically to a power source. If the voltage it is added to the input, this system increases the voltage, otherwise, we get a system that lowers the voltage. But there is a problem with such systems, namely the coil requires charging current. While charging you can't have any receiver connected to the output to avoid oscillation of the output voltage, is used as a filter capacitor. Despite this, this solution is not ideal, the output voltage is always boiling. Excessive noise may cause improper operation of the entire system.

The use of converters.

Converters step-down are used for converting DC voltage, which is done with great efficiency, but at the expense of a small loss of power. Due to this, the converters are ideal for systems powered by battery. Stabilizers turns the excess voltage into heat, and converters with high efficiency heat almost imperceptibly. We must remember that the increase in voltage occurs, as a rule, less efficient than its reduction, so it is better to have high voltage power to lower than low and pick it up.