Converters step-up

Converter step-up (eng. step-up converter) is a Converter of energoelektronicznym, which has the task to increase DC voltage (DC) from a source, receiving the output, respectively, of high constant voltage to consumers. Construction of power supply units, the pulse network based on such converters. In the working elements of the Converter, step-up, includes electronic switching components, capacitors and/or coil storage, energy and anti-interference. On offer are Botland converters, most are equipped with a system of adjustment of the output voltage, which allows their use in projects that require elevated supply voltages with non-standard values.


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As the Converter operates in the step-up?

In the field of typical Converter step-up uses a transistor switch and led. When the transistor kluczujący heads, closes the circuit through the coil and the power source and the led circuit toggle switches to cover, as the voltage on the cathode is higher than at the anode. The basic rule in frequency converters step-up action of the coil, maintaining the continuity of current, the resulting change in the magnetic field and the output voltage is always higher than the input. If the conductivity of the transistor, the current flowing through the coil, causes the formation of magnetic field energy. When the transistor kluczujący ceases to lead, the current flowing from the source through the coil disappears. The accumulated energy of the magnetic field is in accordance with Faraday's law of induction changed to the voltage added to the voltage source, through the diode which feeds the receiver and energizes the parallel connected capacitor to support the voltage. Kluczujący transistor is controlled by a rectangular signal with a variable cycle (PWM) - more than a filling signal, the higher the output voltage of the inverter step-up.

High quality converters adjustable step-up

A family of converters step-up U3V70X from Polou is a highly effective converters with synchronous przełączającymi regulators that require a minimum supply voltage equal to 2.9 V. Immediately after switching on, the regulator limits the input current to 10.0 A. the Inverters are protected against overload, short circuit and podnapięciowe, while the maximum recommended continuous output current is 6.0 A. the output Current is proportional to the ratio of input voltage to output voltage, which means that the output current decreases with increasing output voltage of the Converter. Polou converters also have built-in protection against voltage of reverse polarity, protecting, thus, consumers. A built-in feature of the transition to the low power mode, to avoid unnecessary loss of energy. Converters family U3V70X available in a version with rigid output voltage options from 5.0 V to 15.0 V and version with a precisely regulated output voltage options of 4.5 V to 20.0 V, with 12-turn potentiometer.