Converters step-up / step-down

Converters step-up / step-down conversion to provide DC voltage power source into DC voltage lower or higher values for the receiver. Construction of power supply units, the pulse network based on such converters. In the working elements of the converters step-up / step-down includes the elements of semiconductor switching capacitors and/or coil storage, energy and anti-interference. Thanks to the integrated potencjometrowi adjustment of the output voltage represent a very good solution as a voltage regulator for receivers requiring non-standard voltage. Converters step up / step down-it is a basic equipment of every electronics workshop.


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What is it and how does the Converter step-up / step-down?

Converter step-up / step-down Converter energoelektronicznym - based topology buck-boost, and converts the DC voltage power source into a DC voltage for receiver, lesser or greater value than the input voltage provided by the source.In the working elements of the converters buck-boost includes semiconductor switching elements in the form of a diode and key of the inverter, capacitors and/or coil storage, energy and anti-interference. When the transistor kluczujący begins to lead, he is energized from the source to the coil and the diode anode connected to the receiver and receives the higher potential to the cathode that you agree with her mode cover. Kluczujący when the transistor turns off, the coil voltage falls and causes a change in magnetic flux of the coil, which causes current flow to the receiver and in parallel connected to a capacitor, the sustained voltage. The key transistor is controlled by a rectangular signal with a variable cycle (PWM). Design and describe its mathematical apparatus shows that the output voltage przekształtniku in the topology buck-boost, depend on the pulse width of the control in the manner of proportional and disproportionate. Such converters step up / step down will come in handy in any workshop.

High quality converters pulse Polou

The family of AC drives pulse S9V11X from Polou-based topology Buck-Boost, allowing processing of the input voltage to a lower or higher voltage at the Converter output. The supply range includes the values from 2.0 V to 16.0 V, and they can be respectively increased or decreased depending on the transducer model. Efficiency of converters is above 85%, and the maximum output current is 1.5 A. Flexible supply voltage range allows the use of pulse converters family S9V11X for use in battery powered devices where the battery voltage is higher than installed on the inverter output, and when it falls below this value, it is possible to further operation of the device power supply. Converters pulse family S9V11X available in the store Botland in various embodiments, voltage, as in the version with an output voltage, mounted rigidly as in a version with adjustable output voltage between the values of 2.5 V to 9.0 V, configured with 12-turn potentiometer. Podnapięciowe built-in protection to avoid excessive discharge of the battery, and short circuit protection and overload protect system from damage.