Pololu 3pi line follower

Mini-robots such as line follower – that is, tracking of the line drawn or pasted on a substrate, – are among the fans of robotics, mobile very popular for many years. If the programming of simple movement algorithm of the robot is quite basic knowledge in programming, then create and software, optimized design from the point of view of speed and reliability of the route requires much more work and skills. Something, however, you have to start. Therefore, in this category you will find the robot line follower model Pololu 3pi that will allow You to quickly and gladly enter the world of robotics, mobile.


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Chassis - wheels
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Pololu 3pi, i.e. robotowy dizziness

The construction of mechanical robots Pololu 3pi provides maximum maneuverability. With a symmetric round design with the wheels positioned exactly in the diameter of the PCB (which is simultaneously a mounting base as a whole), these elegant mini-robots able to rotate on its axis, and to make even sharp turns. It is very important for robot line follower class, because at any moment the robot "knows" what surprises will bring him in a minute, the mileage of the tracked line. To serve him drive two motors with gearboxes type Pololu HP 30:1 that have proved themselves on the battlefield, helping himself the fastest in Europe, the robots like line follower. The support design is light weight, plastic ball, and placed symmetrically batteries (two front and rear) provide a well-balanced load, the schedule which provides the minimum inertia when driving racing.

Arduino controls... literally!

Pololu 3pi in the basic version is running on AVR microcontroller ATmega328, which provides one hundred percent compatible with the popular Arduino development environment IDE. In standard robots equipped with 5 sensors odbiciowych, importantly, connected to the inputs PC0 – PC6 of the microcontroller. This solution allows you to read not so much a simple logical condition (0 – 1) outputs of sensors that indirectly the amount of light reflected from the substrate. And it gives great opportunities expansion of control algorithms, for example, to increase the sensitivity and reliability of the line detection in difficult lighting conditions. Mini robot Pololu 3pi pre-complex, so self-Assembly does not take precious time – you can quickly navigate to the programming of appropriate algorithms.

Line follower – nerd? Yes, even 32-bit!

Although Pololu 3pi robots are not typical sets for the garden, it has no problems with the development of the plant design on any items at its discretion. If you need more space for additional elements and modules, and in addition, would like to go with Arduino for programming larger microcontrollers, it is also a good one. Our store offers a mini-robot Pololu 3pi is also a version that is compatible with the mbed platform – in this case on the top panel of the robot can be placed in a special slot, module, LPC1768 or LPC11U24 and breathe in its design of 32-bit soul. Also, remember that in addition to the mode line follower, Pololu 3pi can operate like a maze mouse or a vehicle with a remote control – it all depends on Your imagination and of add-ons.