Pololu Zumo robot

The company Pololu is currently one of the largest players in the market of Amateur robotics. Constantly expanding its offer to encompass robotyków at any level of complexity. One very interesting line of products is a series Pololu Zumo. Correct phonetic associations of a name with robots sumo wrestlers who fight on a round ring always attract a full house of spectators, not giving up, however, all possibilities offered by these mini-robots. A well thought out design allows you to use a Pololu Zumo as a platform for many other interesting applications.


Chassis - type
Chassis - wheels
Chassis + drive
Chassis + driver:

Real robot

Our store offers several versions of the Pololu Zumo set to pass and all the necessary additional elements. The construction work is at first glance reminiscent of the robots of classes mini-sumo. The platform moves on tracks, driven by two micro motors with gear box (version with double-shaft), selection of which depends on which way you want to balance the compromise between speed and torque; the higher the maximum speed the job, the less force that can fight the enemy. In the shop you will find several versions of the motors corresponding to the robot so you can decide for yourselves if you rely on high speed or great strength. Regardless of the choice of drives, self-installation is simple and fast, and in its result, there will be a slim design, ready to tackle all the tasks you put in front of the robot. Combat capabilities of the little warrior significantly increases optimized, a metal plug where the robot will challenge and spychał other dojo.

Not only sumo

In addition to the battles with the enemies, robots, flow from the Pololu Zumo is also able to many interesting, peaceful applications. If You are interested in radio-controlled robots is, of course, are using digital infrared sensors. Through the in-line optocouplers odbiciowych, Pololu Zumo robot can follow a line or even to learn the layout of the lines in the maze after a single learning themselves will be able to navigate the shortest possible path. Another interesting application of robot tracking obstacle and follow them, that allow infrared sensors odbiciowe. Built-in sensors allow the robots GO Pololu Zumo to balance in an upright position or set in a certain way, accordingly, the inclination of the surface on which they are located.

Universal controller Pololu Zumo 32u4

Sets Zumo 32u4 – complex and Zumo32u4 KIT include ready-made tile from wlutowanymi all the necessary electronic elements. The cards are based on 8-bit basis of a family of AVR ATmega32U4, clock quartz resonator with a frequency of 16 MHz. On the Board found a number of LEDs and buttons, a place for wlutowania buzzer, controllers, motors, active infrared sensors, and connector of LCD display, and numerous expansion slots, implementing the GPIO lines of the microcontroller for additional modules. The construction of the power supply system provides efficient energy use batteries or rechargeable batteries, protection against reverse connection of power supply and circuits of automatic switching of the voltage of the battery and the USB-connector, serving also for robot programming.