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Navigation accompanies man from the first attempts to traverse unknown areas. To find out about this, it is enough to recall the stories of ancient sailors and travelers on dry land who used a number of achievements of contemporary science and technology, such as star navigation or compass. Today, the role of the sun and other stars has been taken over by modern GPS and GLONASS systems.


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Products by page

Products by page

Today we can use satellite technologies, ultra-precise electronics and correction algorithms based on the achievements of 20th-century relativistic physics. The achievements in navigation in the 21st century are simply amazing.

In this category, we present modern GPS modules and other devices for navigation. Thanks to such intelligent navigation systems, you will be sure that you will not get lost during the journey. You will always know not only where you are, but also what is around you. Check out all the products below!

GPS modules are not only on geolocation

The main purpose of the GPS and GLONASS modules is to precisely determine the location of the device. For this purpose, a mechanism has been designed, according to which we can find our current location through the module of geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude). The great advantage of these systems is the availability of satellite signals practically in all areas of the Earth. Depending on the local conditions for propagation of electromagnetic waves, signal reception may be difficult in some places. When it comes to reception in cities, there are practically no problems with GPS or GLONASS navigation today.

Importantly, however, the greater the number of satellites "visible" to the receiver, the better the tracking accuracy. It is worth knowing that global geolocation systems operate on the basis of measuring the propagation time of signals from individual satellites, using for this purpose extremely precise atomic clocks. The time of day information can therefore be used to synchronize the local real time clock of the device with worldwide time standards.

GPS modules for programmable electronics

Our offer includes a number of small GPS / GLONASS modules. These are products that are perfect for use in small mobile robots, portable devices and all prototype systems. GPS geolocation is not only a tool for a car or a mobile phone. In the Botland store you will equip yourself with modules that you can install both in the robot and in another mobile, interesting DIY project!

For this purpose, use the presented PCB modules. A good example of such a module is the small 72-channel SparkFun ZOE-M8Q module, which is compatible - apart from the two above-mentioned systems - also with the European Galileo system and the Chinese BeiDou.

Our offer also includes a small Adafruit Ultimate GPS MTK3339 module with a built-in antenna, 22-channel GPS receiver and Flash memory. For applications from the wearable segment (wearable electronics), a tiny Adafruit FLORA receiver was created, also based on the MTK3339 chip, but built on a 30 mm circular printed circuit board with special, large pads that allow the plate to be sewn in clothes with conductive threads.

GPS shields for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

In addition to universal modules, in our store you will also find overlays prepared especially for the most popular platforms of embedded systems: Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Having in mind the users of the Arduino platform, we have prepared excellent DFRobot Shield DB-Io / LTE / GPRS / GPS modules. On a small board the size of Arduino Uno, the designers from DFRobot managed to place a GSM module with LTE and GPRS support, a GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou / Galileo receiver and an integrated BME280 environmental parameter sensor. The latter subassembly enables convenient and accurate measurement of the ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity.

Enthusiasts of Raspberry Pi programmable electronics can opt for the equally attractive Waveshare LTE GPS Hat. The module is fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3B + / 3B / 2B / Zero and offers GNSS, GSM and NB-IOT connectivity.

Choose the best quality at the best price now. Equip yourself or your DIY project with modern GPS geolocation modules!