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Navigation accompanies man from the first attempts bypass unknown territories – as the ancient sailors, and travelers left on the land, used a number of production of contemporary science and technology, including stellar navigation or compass. Today, the role of the sun and other stars took on the modern system of GPS and GLONASS, uses satellite technology, ultraprecyzyjnej electronics and correction algorithms based on the achievements of twentieth century physics relatywistycznej.


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Products by page

Products by page

GPS modules – not only the geographical position

The main purpose of the modules GPS and GLONASS precise positioning of the device in the form of a return module, geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude). The great advantage of these systems is the presence of satellite signals in almost all areas of Land, although depending on the local conditions of propagation of electromagnetic waves, in some places may have difficulty receiving the signal. What is important, the more the number of satellites visible to the receiver, the higher the precision pickup. You should know that the global system of geolocation are based on measuring the propagation time of signals from the individual satellites, using the extremely precise atomic clocks. Information the current time, you can therefore be used to synchronize the local real time clock of the device is available worldwide in time samples.

Universal GPS modules

In our offer you will find a number of small modules, GPS/GLONASS, which are ideal for use in small mobile robots, mobile devices, and any mockups of prototypes. A good example is a small, 72-channel module SparkFun ZOE-M8Q, compatibility – in addition to the above two systems, also with the European system Galileo and Chinese BeiDou. In our offer you will find also a small module Adafruit Ultimate GPS MTK3339 with built-in antenna, 22-channel GPS receiver and Flash memory. For applications with segment wearable (electronics ubieralnej) there was a tiny receiver Adafruit FLORA, also based on the MTK3339 system, but built on a circular PCB with a diameter of 30 mm with a special, large through the use of additional, knowing zaszycie tile in clothing using conductive threads.

The GPS overlay for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

In addition to the universal modules that you will find in our store, will also be prepared specially for the most popular platforms embedded: Arduino and Raspberry Pi. For the first we have excellent modules DFRobot Shield DB-Io/LTE/GPRS/GPS. On a small Board the size of an Arduino Uno, a DFRobot company managed to put the GSM module with support for LTE networks and GPRS, GPS receiver/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo, and a built-in sensor of environmental parameters BME280, which offers quality measurement of ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity. For fans of "Malinki" we have prepared, in particular, the imposition Waveshare LTE GPS Hat compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3B+/3B/2B/Zero and for communication with GNSS and GSM NB-IOT.