Vibration motors

Vibration motors are based on two technologies - ERM and IRA. The first technology uses asymmetric mechanical load of the rotor mass, which upon rotation of the shaft creates a centrifugal force causing the vibration. The second technology uses a linear cavity, where a small ferromagnetic element connected to the spring, under the influence of a magnetic field falls in vibration and drives the engine vibration. The range of shops available Botland both types mentioned vibration motors in various sizes. In complex projects, vibration motors can be connected in series, such as 4 engines 3-volt and allow the power from the battery or 12V power supply.

Vibrating motor mechanical alarm events in mobile phones

Technology haptyczna and vibration alarm are two of the most popular methods of implementations of the vibration signals in electronic devices. Haptyczna technology uses vibrations with different duration of the pulses between different vibrations, making it easy to distinguish from each other proven information, and alert vibrating uses the effect of a linear increase of the intensity of vibration. The best example of this are the first mobile phones that had embedded small vibration motors that sygnalizowały short signals wibracyjnymi incoming call or text message. At a later time, in case of incoming message sygnalizowały wibracyjnie the word “SMS” with using Morse code. Today, vibration signals are also used in many software applications for smartphones.

Engine vibration - other practical applications

Using feedback, vibration motors can be used with maintenance-gutter cleaning in case of clogging, for example, leaves. Such cleaning methods require the use of motors with high torque. On a smaller scale, these mini-motors are used in chemical laboratories during the preparation of the emulsion, and at home to drive an electric toothbrush, and a pump drive air supply for filling the cuff in an electronic apparatus for measuring blood pressure and pulse of the heart. The motor can also be used for precision electrical drive systems low-power.