Passive elements

One of the important groups of electronic components also used in robotics and programmable electronics are passive components. Passive electronic components are parts of electronic circuits that do not produce electricity. This group includes resistors, capacitors, chokes, potentiometers and resonators.


  • Kits electronic components Kits electronic components

    Kits electronic components - In the beginning, and during, adventures with electronics and designing layouts for example, based on the platform of the Raspberry Pi or Arduino, you need to buy active and passive electronic components , as well as the tools to build circuits...

  • Fuses Fuses

    In Botland store we offer a wide range of professional fuses for various applications . You will find here as a guard house or in the car, and fuses, by which zabezpieczysz from the destruction of components in the circuit in Your project. In our offer you will find, among...

  • Chokes Chokes

    Choke and coil are definitions that are used as synonyms. Such components are often used to filter the current, for example, when the microprocessor used in the Arduino. We offer a wide range of throttles - we as coils of THT (przewlekanej) and SMD (surface)....

  • Capacitors Capacitors

    A capacitor is an electronic element, passive , energy storage in an electric field. It is a component with two terminals. The effect of the capacitor is known as capacitance . Although there is some capacitance between any two electrical wires that are close to each other,...

  • Potentiometers Potentiometers

    A potentiometer is a type of resistor with sliding or rotating middle branch, which creates, thus, an adjustable voltage divider. If you are using only two pins on one end and a Central back off, moved to rezystywnej surface in the element, it works as a variable resistor....

  • Resistors Resistors

    Resistor , also called a resistor, passive, dwupinowy electric element, which introduces a circuit resistance, electric. In electronic circuits resistors are used, among other things, to reduce the current , setting the signal levels , voltage division , and the polarity...

  • Resonators Resonators

    The resonator is a passive electronic elements that are used typically to stabilize oscillation frequency generators, electronic. They are used, for example, during manufacture of the electronic clock (or other electronic device odmierzającego time) or remote-controlled...

Products by page

Products by page

In this category, we present all passive components in the Botland store. Our offer includes both passive elements made in SMD (surface) and THT (through hole) technology. Differences in the method of industrial production. Special kits are also available for people who are just collecting materials to create electronic projects or want to complete their collection. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire category and to place orders!

What are passive elements? Fuses

We offer passive elements of various parameters. To explain how passive components work, we present the individual properties of specific electronic devices below.

In this category you will buy the best fuses, components designed to interrupt the flow of current in the circuit. Interruption of current flow occurs when a given parameter value (usually intensity) is exceeded. There are polymer and car fuses. The former, as a result of exceeding a certain value of current, heat up and open the circuit. This type of fuse can be used up to about 100 times (however, you should know that opening the circuit is never full, and too high voltage can cause a breakdown and ultimately damage the circuit components). On the other hand, car fuses (fuses) are inseparable elements of electric networks in vehicles. Such fuses are disposable and when the given value is exceeded, the fuse melts. Other products in the passive components category include overcurrent fuses, thermal fuses (temperatures from 96 � C to 135 � C), WTA fuses and fuse connectors.

Passive elements – electronic resonators, resistors, potentiometers

Another large group of passive devices in this category includes resonators. Also, you can extract many subgenes of these devices. Generally speaking, resonators are electronic components that are designed to stabilize the oscillation frequency of electronic oscillators. This function is used to build watches, electronic stopwatches or remote controls that use radio signal transmission. The operating frequency of resonators ranges from several dozen kHz to several dozen or even several hundred MHz - we offer resonators from about 32 kHz to 16 MHz (SMD and THT elements).

Resistors are the simplest and most popular passive element of most electronic circuits. They are used to adapt the voltage in the circuit to the needs of the device. The main function of the resistor is to convert the retained energy into heat. The operation of the resistor is linear, which means that the voltage drop is directly proportional to the current flowing through the resistor. In the Botland store you will find carbon resistors with resistance values ​​from 0.1 Ω up to 1.5 MΩ, heating resistors, resistors made in THT, SMD technology (0805 and 1206) and resistor sets.

We also invite you to buy potentiometers, which will be useful in many advanced electrotechnical projects. Potentiometers are adjustable voltage dividers that act as resistors with adjustable resistance in a certain range (the potentiometer is often called an adjustable resistor). In this category you will buy potentiometers with a resistance value of 1 kΩ - 500 kΩ. There are slide potentiometers, rotary potentiometers, precision and digital multiturn potentiometers (in the form of a small integrated circuit). In addition, you can buy special knobs for potentiometers that are used for more precise control.

Finally, mentioning all the most popular passive components presented in this category, we should also mention capacitors. These are passive elements made of two guide covers separated by a dielectric. In our offer you will also find chokes and many other devices.

Sets of electronic components

In this category we also put practical sets of passive elements. If you are a beginner or need to complete and better organize your existing components, then choose these sets. You don't have to think about which potentiometer or resistor to choose. You have everything you need in one set. In addition, we encourage you to buy Forbot courses that will help you create your own electrical engineering projects.

For any questions - don't hesitate to write or call us. We are happy to help you choose the best passive elements you need.