Passive elements

Capacitors, resistors, potentiometers and other passive electronic components.


  • KITs of electronic components KITs of electronic components

    Kits containing basic electronic components such as capacitors, resistors, LEDs and much more.

  • Fuses Fuses

    The safety features of the electronic system in case of too high current consumption or short circuit.

  • Coils Coils

    Coil axial, vertical and other, intended primarily for filtering the supply voltage.

  • Capacitors Capacitors

    Capacitive passive elements in different packages, used for filtering food, as well as to create voltage regulators. A capacitor is electric element, which is characterized by the ability to accumulate electric charge. Consists of two conductors, between which there is a...

  • Potentiometers Potentiometers

    Passive elements with adjustable resistance.

  • Resistors Resistors

    Machine , that is, otherwise known as resistors , is the primary element of equipment all electronic systems that use energy. Every electrician, technician, lover of automation and robotics, should have several models of different power and resistance. Offer Botland is a...

  • Resonators Resonators

    The resonant elements is used as the source of the signal processed in mikrokontrolerach.

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