Mounting components

Each device, regardless of the purpose and complexity, requires corresponding mechanical fixtures. In addition to the selection of enclosures you also need the correct mounting of printed circuit boards, guidance and zaizolowanie wires (check for available tube shrink and organizers for wires) and equipment of the corps in the necessary mounting elements, both internal – for example, standoffs, and external, such as the legs-Velcro. In our store you will find everything you need for Your device.


  • Tube shrink Tube shrink

    The heat-shrinkable tube uses, in particular for insulation and marking of wires and also for providing additional protective layer. T-shirt shrink is applied to the cable, and is exposed to high temperature, causing their shrinkage and exact matching of the shape of the...

  • Self-adhesive feet Self-adhesive feet

    Legs, self-adhesive , made from rubber or plastic and designed for mounting on housings of electronic systems . They allow you comfortably to put the module , minimize vibration and produced noise and also protect the surface from scratches . The legs are plastic and...

  • Case Case

    Plastic housing for electronics , the enclosure Base to the finished electronics on the circuit Board-is often the last step is to divide the Creator from the moment of completion of the project. The housing has first and foremost task is to protect the delicate electronics...

  • Clamp Clamp

    The clamp (otherwise known as zipami or trytytkami ) have a universal use - they can be used, in particular, for combining cables into bundles, wires, for marking or for the immobilization of elements , and for temporary repair . Due to the design using the ratchet...

  • Organizers for wires Organizers for wires

    Organizer for cables - Although it is generally accepted that anywhere a creative work of art reigns-the disorder, in the case of the electrical connection point of honor each of us should be policing not only in the workplace but also within the device. To facilitate this...

  • Standoffs Standoffs

    Spacer sleeves are used in various industries to maintain a constant distance between the mounted elements . Represent an important element in the electronic projects where too small distance between the components of the system may adversely affect the work as a whole (for...

  • Box installation Box installation

    Flush-mounted box is used for the installation of electrical equipment (e.g., outlets or branches) inside the wall. Like other banks, the installation of such elements protect the wires and other parts of the electrical system from the effects of adverse external factors. They...

Products by page

Products by page

A good mechanic is the basis

Each seminar electronics must be equipped with the most important elements available at hand. Selection of the correct housing for a specific device, you must start with the identification of requirements for minimum sizes, which is important to include electronics and other internal components. The second issue is the environmental conditions under which the device will work. In our offer you will find housings for various applications, including simple and universal case in two parts, more – panel – for devices of measurement or control, and housing for DIN rail mounting or for hand-held devices and remote controls. For buildings that do not have complete legs, we offer self-adhesive feet available in different sizes and shapes. For mounting printed circuit boards inside the enclosure use the mounting elements such as spacer sleeves of various lengths. We also have housing for minicomputers, in particular, a wide range of designed for Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

Caution – high voltage!

Each elektronik knows that stress is not a joke. It is therefore important to provide appropriate insulation, which protects not only you but also the individual parts of the apparatus from contact with high voltage. For this purpose, in particular, tube shrink, which in our store are available individually or in sets, different colors, diameters and lengths. If in your work you spend most of the tube with one or more specified diameters to choose sets of 10 pieces in one size. Your seminar electronics should be equipped with also other colors and sizes of insulation – you never know what will be required during operation. Check heat shrink tubing in sets of 15, 22, 35 or 100 pieces and select the most suitable kit.

Order and disorder?

In the matter of laying wires, power, signal or internal wiring of devices, the only correct way, of course, the first – order, not only in repairing electronics, but also inside the device. If you work difficult crying under the table computer cables, be sure to choose something from the range organizerów for cables. In cleaning up the wires under the Desk, and inside the enclosure, better suited to clips of different widths and lengths. For large bundles, for example, 3D printers, CNC machines and switch cabinets we have organizers in the form of fixtures and pipes with spiral grooves.