Mounting components

The mechanical mounting is a basic issue for the correct operation of any device, both simple and very complex. Depending on the purpose of the device, the mounting must meet certain conditions. First of all, it is necessary to choose an appropriate casing and take care of the mounting of printed circuit boards and the laying of insulated cables. In the latter category, our offer consists of such products as heat shrink tubing and cable organizers, check them out now at the best prices! It is also important to equip the casing with internal mounting elements, e.g. spacing sleeves and external ones, e.g. self-adhesive feet. For each type of device we have prepared a wide range of products at the best prices. We make every effort so that you can find everything you need in Botland store. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our technical department. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right mounting elements for your devices and purposes.


  • Tube shrink Tube shrink

    Heat-shrinkable tubing is an insulating element used for cables. They are also used as markers due to the wide range of colors. They provide the cables with an additional protective layer in order to minimize the risk of undesirable effects on adverse external factors. When...

  • Self-adhesive feet Self-adhesive feet

    Legs, self-adhesive , made from rubber or plastic and designed for mounting on housings of electronic systems . They allow you comfortably to put the module , minimize vibration and produced noise and also protect the surface from scratches . The legs are plastic and...

  • Case Case

    The design of an electronic system requires many steps, each of which is equally important, although some are often treated as less important. The culmination of any such project is the imposition of plastic casings on the electronic system. It is supposed to protect the...

  • Clamp Clamp

    The clamp (otherwise known as zipami or trytytkami ) have a universal use - they can be used, in particular, for combining cables into bundles, wires, for marking or for the immobilization of elements , and for temporary repair . Due to the design using the ratchet...

  • Organizers for wires Organizers for wires

    Although it is commonly accepted that there is a kind of so-called artistic disorder in every place of creative work, in the case of electrical connections, it is a point of honor for each of us to maintain order not only at the workplace, but also inside the device. The main...

  • Standoffs Standoffs

    Spacer sleeves are used in various industries to maintain a constant distance between the mounted elements . Represent an important element in the electronic projects where too small distance between the components of the system may adversely affect the work as a whole (for...

  • Box installation Box installation

    Flush-mounted box is used for the installation of electrical equipment (e.g., outlets or branches) inside the wall. Like other banks, the installation of such elements protect the wires and other parts of the electrical system from the effects of adverse external factors. They...

Products by page

Products by page

Take care of the basics

It's worth equipping your electronics workshop with all the basic elements you could ever need to build different types of devices. These elements include mounting elements that can help you complete many projects. First of all, when choosing a casing, you should specify the minimum sizes that should be provided for the electronics and other internal components. The second important issue is the conditions in the environment where the device is designed to work. At Botland we have prepared enclosures for various applications, e.g. simple universal two-piece enclosures and larger enclosures with panels, which are ideal for measuring and control devices or as a DIN rail enclosure and for remote control devices. We have also prepared self-adhesive feet for enclosures that do not have feet. In our offer you can find mounting elements that help to fix the PCBs inside the enclosure, e.g. spacer sleeves in different sizes. You can also find enclosures for Raspberry Pi and Arduino minicomputers. Check our offer, where you can find devices from trusted manufacturers at the best prices.

Attention - high voltage!

One of the basic issues when building electronic devices is to ensure safe use. That is why it is so important to apply proper insulation for the components of the device, which protects the user in particular, but also the device itself against contact with too high voltage. For this purpose, you can use shrink tubes, which are available in our offer in different colors, diameters and sizes. It is recommended to choose 10 tubes in each size that you use during your work. It is also advisable to equip your workshop with tubes of different colors and sizes in case you have an opportunity to work on a completely new project. In the Botland shop we have prepared a variety of heat-shrink tubes in sets of 15, 22, 35 or 100 items. Our products come from trusted consumers who have a longstanding reputation. All items are also in the highest quality, but at a great price. Check our offer and plan your expenses on all necessary insulating elements!

Arrangement of the cabling

One of the issues that divides designers is whether it is worth keeping order or ‘artistic mess’. However, when laying of power, signal or internal wiring leads not only to clutter but also to creating dangerous situations, it is worth investing in something that can keep order for longer. What’s important here, is that this is the order not only in your workshop, but also inside the device. If you have a problem with tangled cables, check out our range of cable organizers. Cable ties in different lengths and widths are best suited for both under the table and inside the unit. If you're looking for organizers for larger components, such as bundles in 3D printers, CNC printers and dashboards, check out our cable clamps and tubes with spiral cut. We have gathered many different devices in our offer and we do our best to keep expanding this list. Check our offer and find everything you need to maintain order in your workspace.