Almost every mobile layout that you want to transfer drive power from one element to another, need to use details such as gears. We invite you to see the range of Botland store, where everyone can find suitable products adapted to their needs.

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Products by page

Napędzaj your design – gears in reserve

This small and seemingly simple item can be found in all designs, cars and cars that need forward movement from the engine to the wheels or shaft, so that the whole system could work correctly. Even watch hand held device, handheld and wall-mounted equipped with such equipment, dressings, particularly the Soviets, whose task is the accurate count of time, and one little damage on the gear, will cause a deviation from the standard – in the case of a cheap watch, this is not a very significant problem, but for serious designers and manufacturers, perfection is a duty.

Wheel gear for each system

We invite You to explore our selection, which includes in particular various kinds of gear. To our clients we offer a variety of sizes, shapes and combinations to meet the expectations of all customers – for people who need extensive equipment or are just starting your adventure with designing and majsterkowaniem, we want to offer kits of gears. You can find them as products attacking as ślimacznice. We put only on a perfectly prepared every detail and the best materials so that even people that require felt satisfaction from their choice in automation, robotics and power transmission drive wheel or shaft, no room for errors or minor flaws, so everything has to be done at a high professional level. For Your satisfaction we guarantee you the range and performance to the highest level. If you have any questions regarding the selection of the appropriate product to your expectations, we invite you to contact our team of experts, they will answer for all messages to every client was as happy with my choice.

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