Memory cards and hard drives

This includes memory cards and hard drives, among other things, a microSD memory card and SD card, accessories and memory card readers (card readers, overlays with connectors, extenders and other slot), usb flash drive y (media USB flash memory), memory nieulotne FRAM, memory, eMMC, EEPROM memory, and hard disks, SSD and magnetic with amenities such as a box or adapter.


  • MicroSD / SD MicroSD / SD

    The SD card has enabled the miniaturization of data storage and are used in particular, camcorders, music players, mobile phones, tablets or computers. What is different between these storage media is the physical size , speed class and capacity card . In cameras, SD...

  • Accessories for memory cards Accessories for memory cards

    We offer a variety of accessories for memory cards to the computer and popular microcontrollers such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino. In this category you can find, among others, card readers (also with USB output, allowing you to connect to PC), the slots (manufactured in the SMD...

  • Flash memory USB Flash memory USB

    Flash memory USB, USB flash drive is a mobile carrier non-volatile flash memory. With the help of this device you can transfer data between computers and other equipment that supports this format (e.g. Raspberry Pi). They can also be used to increase storage space for data,...

  • Memory FRAM Memory FRAM

    In the category of “ Memory FRAM ”, the proposed memory modules are non-volatile FRAM. They are characterized by very low power consumption and very high strength . Available modules with a capacity of 64 Kbit (8 KB) with communications using the bus SPI and those...

  • Memory eMMC Memory eMMC

    The eMMC Architecture eMMC (embedded MMC) moves the MMC components (Flash memory plus controller) to small chip for use in miniature systems, such as built-in hard disk. The eMMC chip is in different buildings, as a rule, BGA, 100, 153 and 169 balls. This memory uses 8-bit...


    The EEPROM is a microchip, which is designed to store important data to the microcontroller. It is also called non-volatile memory solid . Is usually a very small amount of data stored even after power off. It should be borne in mind that the number of records and deletes...

  • Hard drives Hard drives

    In the category of “hard Drives” we offer high quality internal and external hard drives (HDD) manufacturers respected worldwide. Some of our devices are adapted for use with the popular Raspberry Pi minikomputerem. In the proposal we also have a housing for hard drives and...

Products by page

Products by page

Memory cards and hard drives

In this section there are devices that allows to write data and the corresponding slots, adapters and accessories. Depending on the destination, you can choose different solutions, including memory cards, hard drives, USB and others.

Memory portable and extension of internal memory

If you are looking for portable memory device, or extra space for storage, you can choose on the microSD card or SD card, USB flash memory (thumb drive) or external hard drive. MicroSD memory cards are supported by most mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, while ports SD popular in desktop computers, laptops, and cameras. The microSD card can be easily connected to the SD input with the appropriate adapter. Capacity memory cards is typically 8 GB to 256 GB. The USB flash memory (stick) is the least popular solution, especially useful for transferring data between devices (more resistant to damage than memory card SD and microSD, and also has a USB input). The capacity of flash drives is generally from 16 GB to 512 GB and data transfer speed depends on the interface (USB 2.0 or USB 3.0) and internal memory architecture. External hard drive is a solution less flexible, but definitely providing the greatest capacity - as a rule, to several terabytes.

The FRAM memory, eMMC and EEPROM

EEPROM is non-volatile memory - a type of memory, read-only (ROM). They are used, for example, in notebooks in the BIOS. We also have the FRAM memory, which also belongs to the type of memory nieulotnych. Has a very fast write-read, high-strength data records and the device itself (about a trillion in biliarda number of cycles). The proposal also includes the eMMc.