A transistor is a semiconductor electronic component. He has the ability to amplify electrical signal. The first transistor was constructed in 1947 by John Bardeena and Walter Housera Brattaina.


  • Bipolar transistors Bipolar transistors
  • Unipolar transistors (MOSFET) Unipolar transistors (MOSFET)

    MOSFET (Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) is currently the standard technology of production of transistors unipolarnych and schematic diagrams, which are used in particular in the field of robotics, computers, and "smart" electronic circuits. In this...

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The transistor replaced the power-consuming vacuum tubes, so very often, his invention is considered as a revolution in e-business. Consumes significantly less energy, which is reflected in the reduction interacting with them the passive elements. Transistor can be bipolar and unipolarny.

Transistor bipolar

Consists of three layers of semiconductor. Its distinguishing feature is the small currentthat flows between two electrodes that controls a large current, which, in turn, flows between the emitter and the third electrode. The bipolar transistor used as an amplifier of the electric current or voltage, and in some cases both of these values. Also used as a switch, in particular, in systems of digital pulse.

Transistor unipolarny

Also called field, the current control is carried out therein using an electric field. A key element of the transistor unipolarnego is a crystal with two electrodes – the source and goes down the drain and dissolving. The voltage applied to the target, causes additional crystal electric field. The result is a change in the effective cross section of the channel, and this, in turn, leads to a change in resistance between the down the drain dissolves and and source. The transistor can perform a variety of functions. Is characterized by a wide range of applications, used in the construction of amplifiers and plays a key role in electronic circuits. In our offer available transistors bipolar and unipolarne. Have different power, the maximum voltage the collector-emitter and the casing. The evolution of technology has led to the fact that modern circuit transistor are realized as integrated circuits.