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USB cables to enable devices to transmit data between them and charge the battery. It is important that depending on the design, device interface, to make the right choice the USB cable, the shape of the connector, but also the length of the cable. The store Botland, you will find USB cables with different type connectors that fit for most telecommunications, and others, as well as adapters and hubs sharingto connect several devices equipped with a USB connector.


  • Wire USB A - B Wire USB A - B

    Wire USB A - B USB cables are an essential element of any accessory for the computer. With their help, connected peripheral devices to the master device. In this section we present to You a cables USB A - B, which, as a rule, are used to connect printers, scanners, and...

  • Wire miniUSB 2.0 Wire miniUSB 2.0

    Wire miniUSB 2.0 If you are an Amateur photographer, and using your phone you take a lot of photos, you probably know what a cable mini-usb 2.0. Without it anywhere, because you don't want Your photos were on the phone. Sure you have to let them see the light, and copy them...

  • Wire microUSB 2.0 Wire microUSB 2.0

    Micro USB cables 2.0 is one of the most popular currently of cables used every day. A few years ago every phone was loaded with a different type of charger - today almost everyone has a device to charge via the micro USB port. This type of cable (USB to micro-USB 2.0) has 4...

  • USB adapter USB adapter

    USB adapter - This category includes adapters, adapters, power cords and extension cords with the most popular USB connectors (micro USB, mini USB, USB A, USB B, USB-C) and other terminals (for example, for Apple devices with connectors audio-Jack 3.5 mm). These accessories...

  • Cables USB C Cables USB C

    Cables USB C The person starting the adventure with any electronics, probably can get caught in the tangle of various cables USB that are currently on the market. Surprising, because a lot of them, not each is compatible with all devices. For this reason, a total revolution...

  • Cables USB 3.0 Cables USB 3.0

    Cables USB 3.0 Speaking of wires, the USB 3.0 we have, as a rule, in full view, cable with connector, And the third version, but the USB standard is fraught with much more. Since 1996, when it was announced a 1.0 version, this standard is constantly evolving and improving. We...

  • Cables USB Lightning Cables USB Lightning

    Cables USB Lightning Category for all having electronic equipment Apple. You have an iphone or ipad? Yeah, that's great because we have a special cable, whereby to charge the device or download data. We have in stock a wide selection of Lightning cables, which are equipped...

  • USB hubs USB hubs

    Signal splitters, USB, the devices offer passive and active (with power supply).


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Products by page

How to determine the USB connector?

The introduction of the USB standard made it easy to transfer information between devices, charging their batteries, but also as the current power supply voltage of 5V. Before purchasing a USB cable or USB adapter, you should verify which type of connector fits the connector on the device. Among standard USB connectors, there are:

USB type A - is a rectangular connector that can be found in almost every USB wire. Such compounds also represent an element of construction, mainly computers, TVs, game consoles and other electronic devices

USB type B - has the shape of a rectangle with cut top two directly determined by the ratio. Such connectors can be found in printers, scanners, and electronic musical instruments

Mini-USB connector is found in small portable devices such as mobile phones before the era of smartphones, MP3 players, game consoles, PS3 and others. USB cable-Mini USB, you should always have with you.

Micro USB is the successor to the Mini-USB; Connector common smartphones, tablets and other small mobile devices.

USB-C is the New standard for USB connectors, used in various laptops, smartphones, small devices and even computers jednopłytkowych (see also: Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 4B)

Cable USB data transfer rate has a value of

For the right selection under the connectors communicate with other devices, it is important to choose a USB cable for data throughput. Such standardization involves

USB 2.0 - can be used for most USB connectors type A. Average bandwidth is 60 MB/sec and this also applies to wires with connectors mini USB, micro USB, USB OTG and USB ports in computers of the PC class

USB 3.0 - the standard data transmission can be carried out at a speed of up to 5 GB/sec. The USB 3.0 standard is used in most new models of laptops, Flash drives and external hard drives.

The USB 3.1 standard introduced in 2013; transfers data at speeds up to 10 Gbps

USB-3.2 - this standard appeared 4 years after USB 3.1 provides data transfer speeds up to 20GB/s.

The store Botland also USB hubs available, which allow you to connect multiple devices on a single USB connector and adapters designed to eliminate compatibility problems of wires and USB connectors in different devices.