Test leads

Test leads

One of the branches of electronics are instrumentation and measurements. In one of our categories of test leads will pick You a variety of probes and cables for their devices, and measuring. They can be completed corner tips, a crocodile or a measuring probe with a length of 145 mm - all this for Your convenience and satisfaction from work. We invite all beginners and advanced artists to get acquainted with our rich offer online store Botland!


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What to measure physical quantities?

The most common device used to measure physical quantities such as resistance, voltage or frequency multifunctional digital meter, multimeter popular. It is a measuring device capable of measuring various physical quantities is a modern multimetry can carry out several measurements at the same time, save the results and list them higher. Take advantage of our offer on the measuring wire and buy cables for your device.

To measure various physical quantities

Starting your adventure with electronics and the measurement values, should know the basic units that we could measure with a multimeter selected in our section of the measuring wires. Let's start from the electrical voltage which is the difference of electrical potential between two points of an electric circuit. The symbol of the voltage U, in turn, to measure it, you can use a voltmeter. The next concept is the electrical resistance, which means a large letter R. it Is a value that characterizes the relationship between the voltage and intensity of current.

The world of electronics

Entering the rich world of electronics will meet the physical quantities such as voltage, resistance, capacitance, inductance and many others - in addition, we meet elements like resistor, coil, capacitor, we know the laws of Ohm and Kirchhoff, and approval Tellegena. We use devices such as ammeter, voltmeter, ohmmeter, or multimeter, having the ability to measure various quantities. For flow meters offer a measuring wire is useful for both primary and additional work and measurements.