Arduino boards and kits

Arduino does not need anyone to represent. Known and loved the layout with modules and accessories. Arduino is a simple computer, however its scope is massive, and additional accessories and extensions allow you to increase its functionality. It can be used to create, for example, home weather stations, or the driver controls the blinds on the Windows.


  • Arduino - main boards

    Arduino main boards are designed for both beginners and for more experienced programmers .  Arduino is a platform for embedded systems. The vast majority of these systems are based on 8-bit microcontrollers, except for Arduino Due, which has a 32-bit ARM Cortex core....

  • Starter kits for Arduino

    Starter kits for Arduino this is all you need to start an exciting adventure with electronics. We offer You products that are ideal for beginners and less experienced enthusiasts create your own designs. Modules together with the elements that facilitate the beginning of...

  • Books about Arduino

    The book that describes the popular Arduino modules together with exemplary programs.

  • Arduino Shield - extensions

    We offer r ozszerzenia for Arduino Shield , thanks to which you will increase the possibility and scope of their system. In our offer you will find a wide range of solutions – controllers, motors and servos, keyboards, and displays , as well as lining , ensuring the...

  • Sensors for Arduino

    Sensors with libraries or sample programs that are compatible with Arduino . Regardless of whether You are interested in building automation, or creating unique designs related to robotics – Arduino and programming skills open up a world of unlimited possibilities, which...

  • Cases for Arduino

    If the Arduino provides users a variety of features and allows you to create as complex functional systems, as simple gadgets and toys, it fully deserves to be a body of high quality! The assortment of our shop you can find functional housing for the Arduino that are made...

  • Power Supplies for Arduino

    Electronics provides us with a great opportunity, and the clever miniature computers can replace us in our daily activities, offering a wide sense of the word automation. We present, however, the element without which no intelligent system will work correctly and effectively...

  • Prototype accessories for Arduino

    Don't like to limit their opportunities ready schemes that impose a particular way of doing it? If Yes, we recommend You to use the products in this category. Accessories prototypes for Arduino will allow You to spread your wings and create something special. Board, wire,...

  • ArduCam - cameras for Arduino

    The potential of Arduino computing power enables to create many unique designs. Take advantage of the sensors and advanced modules that give you unlimited possibilities. One specific example that ought to appeal to both robotics enthusiasts and automatics specialists is...

  • Displays for Arduino

    Your designs Arduino every month more and more powerful and constantly develop your skills? Of course, will soon appear on the horizon of possibilities that a few months earlier was not available and they will demand more and more complex components, e.g., shields for...

  • Communication modules for Arduino

    The device for wireless communication modules compatible with Arduino

Products by page

Products by page

Arduino boards and kits

Arduino so the computer, which received recognition among hobbyists and tinkerers and robotics. This is a wonderful solution for small and large artists who want to develop their Hobbies and interests. With it, you will start your adventure with minikomputerami of all kinds, as well as programming them.

To use it, it's good to have basic knowledge in programming. Programs for Arduino are written in C. however, If you are a beginner, we have good news for You – the market has a wide selection of ready-made programs. You do it without knowledge of programming concepts.

Offer basic kits and books that will help You get started with creating interactive objects and will point to specific examples, the extension Shield of Arduino more enrichment opportunities, cases, power supplies, suitable for tiles, prototypes of accessories useful when using the camera ArduCam, displays, sensors and communications modules are compatible with Arduino.

To start, we suggest You purchase the starter kit. Includes modules in basic elements that will facilitate the beginning of an exciting adventure with Arduino. It is also worth to purchase a display. Arduino is a solution that has many competitors. The benefit received, however, due to the high quality of individual elements, great expandability, ease of access, and ready-made programs that are excellent for beginners. This is currently the most popular project of this kind, are valued as experienced Amateurs and for Amateurs.