Arduino is already known as one of the best interactive programming printed circuit boards (PCB) developer and provider that becomes more and more popular. Arduino is both the name of the company and the brand given to most of its products. Arduino devices are small computers (PCBs) that are able to read many types of inputs, e.g. light on a sensor, a finger on a button, sending a message, issuing a sound. Then, the input signal is able to be turned into an output signal. This, in turn, may result in setting blinds, turning on the TV set and other activities depending on the board and the way it is used. Arduino boards are also called microcontrollers due to the fact that you can command yourself what a given board should do. In order to do so, however, you will need to know the basics of Arduino programming language and its software.

Nowadays Arduino is one of the most straightforward platforms for learning programming (and many other things!) and at the same time one of the most comprehensive ones. The latter feature results from the many dedicated overlays (Arduino Shields) and the extensive development environment (Arduino IDE). Check our offer below!


  • Arduino - core modules Arduino - core modules

    Arduino main modules are available in the form of original printed circuit boards (PCBs) made by the Italian manufacturer Arduino, as well as various types of substitutes based on the original ones, created in 1:1 ratio. There are also PCBs with interesting modifications and...

  • Starter kits for Arduino Starter kits for Arduino

    Exploring a new field requires access to teaching materials and necessary equipment. Arduino Starter Kits are specially created kits that facilitate learning to code. As in any case, at the beginning it is worth equipping yourself with valuable books and textbooks (you will...

  • Books about Arduino Books about Arduino

    Arduino is a great way to explore the world of electronics and programmable microcontrollers. Although Arduino programmable electronics is very simple and transparent, it is worth training in this field to get more skills and knowledge. Arduino sets are designed for everyone...

  • Arduino Shield - extension Arduino Shield - extension

    The very first release of Arduino took place already in 2005. Basically, everything has changed since that moment! Over the past several years, Arduino has gained a lot of loyal fans. Electronics enthusiasts from around the world buy original printed circuit boards (PCBs), on...

  • Sensors for Arduino Sensors for Arduino

    The Arduino platform has been considered for years as probably the best solution in the field of programmable electronics. The main advantages are: ease of programming, a wide range of fully compatible overlays (Arduino Shields) and the availability of different versions of...

  • Housing for Arduino Housing for Arduino

    The Arduino platform has its fans among amateur electronics enthusiasts, novice DIY enthusiasts as well as professional and experienced programmers. It is perfect for creating simple robots and intelligent lighting management systems, as well as programming advanced...

  • Power for Arduino Power for Arduino

    Arduino is a simple board of small size with great potential for extension. It can be used for simple meteorological stations as well as advanced building automation systems. Arduino modules are chosen by experienced electronics engineers and amateur DIY enthusiasts. The tiles...

  • Accessories prototypes for Arduino Accessories prototypes for Arduino

    Arduino is a great solution for those who like to experiment with electronic circuits. It is great for beginner DIY enthusiasts and experienced professionals, carrying out extensive and ambitious projects. The platform is also designed for programming microcontrollers, it can...

  • ArduCam - camera to Arduino ArduCam - camera to Arduino

    Video recordings are omnipresent in our reality. We constantly record something for our own use as well as for commercial and image purposes. Moreover, the recordings are often the result of our concern for our own safety, our loved ones and valuable objects or our...

  • Displays for Arduino Displays for Arduino

    Displays play a very important role in electronic projects, especially if we want fast and clear feedback. The LCD display will be very easy to connect to the board with which it will work. It needs to be properly programmed to be adapted to the role assigned to it. LCD...

  • Communication modules for Arduino Communication modules for Arduino

    The device for wireless communication modules compatible with Arduino

Products by page

Products by page

What exactly is Arduino?

The open-source electronic platforms gives you a lot of possibilities. Arduino is based on easy-to-use hardware and embedded systems, and therefore using Arduino is recommended for both younger and more experienced users, who are seeking an attractive way to learn and develop their skills. The selected simple Arduino boards are also great for children as they allow them to understand how do electronics work.

Arduino offers great opportunities, but it is not only for IT students. Boards are used by high school and college students around the world. Arduino's numerous overlays (Arduino Shields) enable communication with software as well as data visualization and controlling the dynamic objects in real time.

No other programming environment that would enable rapid writing and running programs has yet been invented. Arduino allows you to test communication with a new integrated circuits without any technical difficulties.

Arduino Shields – endless possibilities

Arduino has become a world standard in programming electronics. Many other microcontrollers manufacturers produce modules that are fully compatible with the Arduino PCBs and Shields. Great example might be a LaunchPad boards (for Texas Instruments processors) or STM32 Nucleo (for 32-bit ST Microelectronics microcontrollers).

The way you are using Arduino is up to you. With many Arduino Shields to choose from there are a lot of possibilities. Modules responsible for control motors, network devices (via relays) and LED RGB lighting, as well as numerous sound overlays – once you have bought Arduino the adventure will never ends! If you want to expand your project, just buy an additional module at a low price.

This is one of the most important advantages of Arduino – there are so many modules available that what exactly are going to construct depends entirely on you! For instance, if you have basic Arduino PCB and buy Arduino Motor Shield, some little engines and tyres, with a little knowledge of programming you will be able to construct a self-driving robot that avoid obstacles!

Accessories for Arduino

Arduino PCBs and additional modules are not everything. Arduino also uses universal prototype accessories: contact plates, connection cables and many other accessories. In addition, you can buy small components, e.g. resistors, LEDs and sensors, that will enrich your project. Arduino has also created an impressively wide range of enclosures, both the simplest – providing basic mechanical protection of the board – and the more advanced ones dedicated for industrial applications (DIN rails boxes and cases).

At the very beginning of the adventure with Arduino, you can also decide on an easier step. By choosing any of the proposed starter kits, you can be sure that you will receive all the elements you need to build your first projects and have fun with electronics.