Arduino - Arduino by Name for the first time is associated primarily with small, fits in the palm Board, equipped in several goldpin connectors and AVR microcontroller. The truth, however, is quite another – Arduino-it is now a separate world, only on the basis of the original boards of the Italian manufacturer and their countless clones. About the possibilities of this platform, for shows, first of all, a powerful offer specialized lining called Arduino Shield, and a well-prepared development environment (Arduino IDE) and... the standard conclusions, which are dozens of manufacturers of electronics from around the world.


  • Arduino - core modules Arduino - core modules

    Modules Arduino manifest themselves in the form of the original tiles Italian manufacturer, as a different kind of clone made 1:1 on the basis of the original. There are also tiles with interesting changes and additions, retaining, however, full compatibility of software and...

  • Starter kits for Arduino Starter kits for Arduino

    Starter kit Arduino - Learning new industry requires access to teaching materials and necessary equipment. If in the case of Arduino , there are many wonderful books (most of them you will find in our offer) and online courses, equipment and facilities necessary to save in...

  • Books about Arduino Books about Arduino

    Arduino is a perfect "base point" to the knowledge of the world of electronics and microcontroller programming. Despite the great ease and transparency, as part of the equipment and the used libraries and the development environment Arduino IDE, start can cause problems for...

  • Arduino Shield - extension Arduino Shield - extension

    Within a few years of development, the Arduino platform has gained legions of loyal fans, which are based on the original plates, as countless, compatible clones, create thousands of projects. Although many of these designs are used only in learning programming and...

  • Sensors for Arduino Sensors for Arduino

    The Arduino platform from years, the saints deserved triumphs. Easy programming, wide variety one hundred percent compatible overlap (Arduino Shield), as well as the existence of different versions of tiles – so official, and all kinds of clones and models, compatible hardware...

  • Housing for Arduino Housing for Arduino

    The Arduino platform is not only attractive base suitable for Amateurs and beginners, eksplorujących the secrets of electronics and microcontroller programming. The popularity of this great environment that makes after the tile is a native of Sunny Italy, with pleasure also...

  • Power for Arduino Power for Arduino

    Modules Arduino won the sympathy of thousands of electronics around the world. The main advantage of this environment because the Arduino is not only tiles, but also excellent software and libraries – is, above all, the ubiquitous universality. Everything from connectors...

  • Accessories prototypes for Arduino Accessories prototypes for Arduino

    The Arduino platform allows an infinite, on the contrary, the possibility to experiment with electronic systems and programming microcontrollers. However, using the same tiles Board (e.g. Arduino UNO or Arduino Mega), you can do quite a few – their power, these small modules...

  • ArduCam - camera to Arduino ArduCam - camera to Arduino

    Currently produced laptops, smartphones and tablets have a built-in digital camera. In addition, you can explore in a separate web camera and USB camera for video surveillance systems the image on the objects. Many of these devices has the ability to record 4K video and Full...

  • Displays for Arduino Displays for Arduino

    LCD Arduino - shields for Arduino can be a very useful tool for electronics work. Face potrafiąca therefore use the Arduino module able to connect the Board to the display , and then to program it to designed the device to meet specific objectives. Accordingly minikomputer...

  • Communication modules for Arduino Communication modules for Arduino

    The device for wireless communication modules compatible with Arduino

Products by page

Products by page

Learn, play and work with Arduino

Arduino, due to the ease of writing programs in the Arduino IDE and the quantity available in the web coding examples, as well as complex projects, is a perfect platform for learning electronics and microcontroller programming. And it's not just for the youngest adepts of it with the Arduino on the right are secondary and even higher education institutions that use numerous pads Arduino Shield and the possibility of easy communication tiles with software for visualization and control of dynamic objects in real time. Also professionals can use this platform – for there is no other environment in which you can quickly and easily write and run a program that is used, for example, to test the new chip intended to implement a major project.

Lining Arduino Shield modules for Your convenience.

Arduino has become the standard, which retain full compatibility (constantly appearing on the market) evaluation kits and hardware modules. Interestingly, many manufacturers of microcontrollers offer starter kits hardware compatible with the Arduino Shield pads is a great example here some tiles LaunchPad (for processors Texas Instruments) or STM32 Nucleo (for 32-bit microcontrollers stmicroelectronics). This is a very positive trend, because it's much easier porting programs originally written for the Arduino with a more powerful hardware platform and architecture. For Arduino was created, among other things, the modules used for motor control, network devices (via relays) or a backlight LED RGB, as well as numerous sound modules, HMI (user interface, for example, displays and keyboard), shieldy connection wired and wireless, and even... compatible camera (belonging to a big family ArduCam).

Accessories, modules and accessories for Arduino

In addition to the functional and useful overlay hardware uses Arduino also offers universal accessory prototypes, of which we will mention at least tiles the connector, wiring, or starter kits, containing a number of different sensors and basic electronic components. For Arduino was also impressively wide range of shelves, as the simple – with basic mechanical protection tiles, and specialized in, for example, for industrial use (here is to replace the housing on a DIN rail). If you are starting adventure with Arduino or are looking for inspiration for new projects – be sure to look at our range of books for developers and electronics at different levels.