Gift vouchers

Looking for a gift for a friend, wife, brother or husband? You're not quite sure what makes him or her happy? Give him a choice, but with some limitation. Let it be a gift that he chooses for himself at the Botland store. We offer gift vouchers that can only be redeemed in our shop. You decide on the amount that will be on the card, in turn, the recipient decides on their destination. It is an excellent alternative to ready-made gifts, which very often turn out to be wrong or just repeat themselves. Voucher is a guarantee that the gift will appeal to the person who receives it. Botland shop is characterized by a wide range of products designed for fans of advanced technology, robotics, electronics and DIY enthusiasts. The voucher can be used for any purchase, decide on a development board, smartbad, a set of tools, game conrolers, mobile speaker or a set of keyboard with a mouse. Gift vouchers are available in two versions - electronic and a card, which we send to the indicated address.

How the voucher works in Botland

Vouchers have been very popular for a long time. Many companies have introduced the possibility to buy them and then use them in their shop. Vouchers can be recharged for different amounts. It is up to you to decide what amount you want to give your loved one. After the payment is made to the indicated e-mail address, you receive a promotional code, which should be given to the recipient. It is through this code that she will be able to pay in our shop. It may turn out that the amount of her purchases will exceed the amount on her voucher. In this case, you can pay the difference using one of our payment methods. A voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The total amount does not have to be used at one time, for example for several purchases. In this case, you will need to enter a code, which is the password for the created "virtual account" with the money loaded.

Voucher can also be in the form of an elegant card, which we pack in a gift box. This is an offer for those who appreciate the original form in which the gifts are presented. In this case, the ordered card will be sent to the address indicated by you. The voucher is not personal, so we do not assign it to a particular person. So anyone can use it.

Shopping in Botland with voucher

Are you wondering if a Botland voucher is a good choice for a particular person? Our product range is primarily focused on electronics, robotics and programming. You will find here accessories, devices, accessories and tools with which you can build your own robot, create a technologically advanced control system, but also learn how to program. The products are dedicated for everyone regardless of age. We also have proposals for the youngest, such as educational toys and sets to learn programming. There are remote-controlled vehicles and electronic accessories such as smartbands, wireless headphones and mobile Bluetooth speakers. We also have something for those who like to supplement their knowledge, these are books and tutorials. The voucher can be used for any product available in the Botland store.

It is a solution for smart home owners, computer game fans, music lovers, DIY enthusiasts and programmers. The assortment is therefore very diverse and we are convinced that everyone will find something for themselves. Maybe our voucher will be a good start for new hobbies and passions? Or maybe it will make someone's dreams about their own job or weather station come true. Vouchers are worth: 50 PLN, 100 PLN, 200 PLN and 300 PLN. So there is enough for small and bigger needs.

You have already got a gift idea? Then have a look at our offer and decide on a specific product. If you are still wondering, choose a gift voucher that will surely be well used.