Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers for sales in online store Botland is a great offer for anyone looking for a good, original and especially practical gift for a loved one. We offer gift certificates singing in different amounts, and the free money can be spent on any product available in our current range. Here you can find thousands of attractive offers prezentowych from so many areas; among other things, electronics, robotics, diy, mechanics, games, accessories for mobile applications and modern technology. Therefore, you can be sure that every person is endowed with the coupon podarunkowym our store will have the opportunity to choose the ideal offer. In this category you will find gift certificates for different amounts, and offer physical delivery elegant, laminated coupon, which is perfect as a complement to a gift for a loved one or as a standalone gift.

As work gift vouchers in Botland?

The action of gift certificates in the gift shop Botland is very simple. Once you purchase the voucher you will receive via email a special promotional code, after entering which during a visit in Botland the recipient will be able to order products equivalent to the selected amount. If you decide on a big purchase, can pay the difference via Bank transfer or other payment methods available in our store. Promotional code valid for twelve months from the date of purchase and can be used by any person. The amount of the gift certificate must be used in full during one order. You can spend them on any goods present in our product range (except other gift certificates gift), there's also no limit on the number of ordered articles. Shipping cost is calculated separately. If you want to give someone a gift certificate in the physical version you can purchase luxury laminate coupon that will look beautiful during the presentation of the gift. It is enough in one order to put in the basket the coupon laminate and gift certificate gift selection.

For whom gift vouchers in Botland?

Gift vouchers for purchases in Botland are an ideal offer prezentową for people of all ages and with very different interests. Our range is very wide, so you need not be afraid that the donee will have a problem with a product selection that meets his requirements, needs and queries. In our assortment are only articles of high quality, that come with offers of world-class companies. Because of this you can be sure that any purchase in Botland will bring Your family much joy and satisfaction.

You could spend your gift vouchers?

Gift certificates gift certificates from our store, you can spend on any products available in this offer Botland (except for other gift vouchers). Our range includes articles from many fields; here you can find, among other things, devices and accessories for smart home, miniature computers and tiles and development, robots, books, courses, tools, measuring instruments, electronic components, unmanned aerial vehicles, remotely operated vehicles, automotive accessories, computers and games, headphones, speakers, powerbanki, usb flash drive y, smartwatche elements to create smart clothes, toys, sensors, cameras, and rejetrastratory, lighting, memory cards, displays and screens, soldering irons, wires, connectors, batteries, battery chargers, solar panels, tablets, smartphones and many other proposals, among which everyone will find something for themselves. We offer gift vouchers in denomination of 50 rubles, 100 rubles, 200 rubles and 300 rubles.

Other interesting gifts in Botland

Available on our website gift certificates gift certificates are a great idea for a gift, however, in Botland you will find much more gift suggestions. Grouped into practical categories through which you can easily find gifts for family and friends of any age and of different sexes and interests. We also offer a wide selection of fun and practical gadgets, as well as many of educational toys for children at each stage of development. If you have problems with the choice of gift, you can also take the help of our nice and competent customer service Department or look at their blog, which regularly appear useful tutorials and articles.