Grottoes and silver solder

Soldering is the most important step in the assembling of electronic devices. Of done February must have smoothness, Shine and durability, so how does this affect the correctness and reliability of the installed equipment. Outside the same skill with a soldering iron, important proper selection of the binder rations, but also auxiliary equipment and accessories. In order to obtain the best soldering results, the correct selection of the grotto soldering iron of suitable size and shape. Among the tools for soldering, we also offer solutions such as the bulb soldering with wires, allowing you to easily connect to the soldering station.



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Products by page

Selection of the grotto soldering

Grotto soldering job is to transfer heat from a soldering iron on the area subjected to soldering. In the simplest case, it is better to choose a grottoes, which will allow You to ensure a sufficiently high temperature in the shortest time possible to complete soldering in the shortest possible time without damage to PCB and components on it that are present in the damage due to too much heat mode. In real conditions often have to deal with very small features of printed circuit BOARDS, where the use of a large grotto soldering is very inconvenient - in this case, you should pay attention to its geometry. The tip is beveled unilaterally at an angle of 45 or 60 degrees, greatly facilitates access to the narrowest places in electrical circuits, but also the tip bevel and the rounded caves will be useful when soldering in small areas.

Tips for soldering iron for more demanding tasks

In the case of soldering screens, electromagnetic and demounting of electronic components, it is useful tip ostrzowa, which, thanks to the sharp cutting edge allows you to access areas where it is impossible to use a large, traditional tip to the solder. For soldering of components for surface mounting (SMD) it is better to use the grotto " minifala, the form of which facilitates brazing multiple panels (in the case of, for example, chips SMD) at a time when soldering and removing the extra solder causing unwanted short circuit between the points lutowniczymi. If during installation occurred a greater number of short circuits, it is better to apply the tip of the needle niezwilżalny with reduced tendency to attach to the surface of the solder joint.

How to take care of soldering irons?

One of the factors affecting the service life of the grotto is the use of high quality rations. Low quality lutowie may contain impurities, which are not on the surface, the grotto soldering, may impair the conductivity and impede the soldering process. Well, the solder should melt within a short time from application thereto of hot grotto. For example, containing 60% tin and 40% lead (see also: Tin and solder paste), should be easy to melt already at a temperature of 240°C. Upon contact of metal with air can cause oxidation and this also applies to the soldering iron tips. To prevent this, use flux, parts wetted sponge and brass czyścików for cleaning residue after soldering.