Soldering kolbowe

Soldering kolbowe is one of the most simple and cheap soldering tools. This type of soldering iron that is most often selected beginners of electronics and students of technical universities. The device is very well suited for precision work on electronic circuits (for installation of SMD or THT). The possibility of attaching different tips, depending on the need, you can configure the soldering irons for different conditions.


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Soldering kolbowe

Soldering iron kolbowa is a type of soldering iron support (grzałkowej), which is heated by the heater located on the device end of the metal tip. Depending on requirements, the user may place the tips of various shapes (often together with a soldering iron includes a set of tables - for example, with spike or flat end). Appropriate equipment should be adjusted depending on tasks: fine tip is suitable for heating small surfaces, and thicker for larger ones. Soldering iron kolbowa significantly different from the soldering iron more often shared as the amenities of the master. Soldering iron support will allow accurate soldering of small electronic components, for example, are made in SMD technology.

Soldering iron kolbowa good for beginning and professional

Soldering iron kolbowa is a great choice for the Amateur who is just making its first steps as the electronic equipment for an Amateur for simple repairs. Investments in soldering small compared to the opportunities that it offers. Very often it is the first choice for students of technical schools, automotive workshop equipment or set of equipment, electrical, occupying little space.

What do we offer?

In the proposal we have soldering irons with a capacity of nominal 8 In, 23 In, 25 In, 30 In, 40 In, 48 V, 60 V, 100 V, 130 V, 250 watts. From these values depends on how much and how fast will be able to warm up the soldering iron. The supply voltage of the proposed models ranges from 4.5 V to 240 V, while the temperature ranges in which the soldering heat is 160-480°C, 200-400°C, 200-450°C, or 300°C. most of the equipment comes from the manufacturer OEM, but we also have soldering irons Elwik and Tex. The length of such tools 150 mm, 190 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 260 mm.