Soldering guns and irons

In the glove box of each home worker should be, in particular, facilities such as a soldering iron, thanks to which work with models, modules and some minor elements will be as pure fun, as it will not endanger the health of users. Soldering kolbowe is often choose a product for repairs, because they offer precision, power and convenience – to see what awaits you in Botland.


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Solder - Fan

Budget models for beginners and for advanced soldering kolbowe

In assortment of our shop You will find compact and cheap models with low power consumption, ideal for core activities or educational work using such tools. Despite the availability rates, we focus on the highest quality and best manufacturers to study the soldering does not cause any complications and hassles, to satisfy the needs of our customers, we have models starting with a capacity of 8 WATTS. People with more experience who need the ability to adjust the temperature and much more power, also will find something that will meet all their expectations. Wanting to provide customers satisfaction, we have equipped our offer in the range, using different voltage from 4 to 230 V.

Robotics, automation, electrical – everyone will find something for themselves

Regardless of whether You are interested in intelligent systems based on the Raspberry or Arduino, or professionally mounted, personalizują and repair, installation of alarm, monitoring and automation, it is useful for everyone would be a good soldering iron kolbowa. Small wires and need a replacement microscopic components in complex conditions, can be extremely challenging that requires skills and precision, and user-friendly design tools will maximize the results, reducing the time spent on the job and ensuring the safety of the user at a much better level, so the store Botland, you can find only the best manufacturers who are leaders in the industry (e.g. OEM, Elwik). Only this range is able to ensure the satisfaction of our customers is a priority for each member of the team of our store.

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