Measuring instruments

Measuring is one of the most important activities during prototyping, service, repair or overhaul work. For all work to be carried out precisely, we need precise data on width, length, weight, pressure or current, depending on the project and the elements and tools we work with. Measuring devices which should be included in the workshop equipment are selected taking into account the specifics of the work performed. The choice includes meters, thermometers, barometers, fractional generators and electric multimeters. Each of these devices has a different purpose and is used to measure a different unit. The measuring devices have found their application in professional workshops, but also in small studios and at home, in everyday use. They are indispensable in creating electronic projects and working with electronic devices. It is important that all measurements are reliable and accurate, so in Botland you will find only good quality devices.


  • Gauges universal Gauges universal

    Multimeters are, next to the oscilloscope, the second most important measuring device in every electronics workshop and laboratory. Regardless of whether you have a small, hobby electronics workshop, a professional service, prototyping workshop or an academic laboratory -...

  • Sensors, probes Sensors, probes

    Measure the values of currents and voltages is particularly important Metrology Department, which, bypassing the specialized programs for research and development is an integral part of any electrician, and electronics, both Amateur and professional. Very often, not only in...

  • The sensors of weather conditions and air quality The sensors of weather conditions and air quality

    Instruments for measuring air quality and weather conditions.

  • Testers Testers

    Electrical measurements are an integral part of work in electrical and electronics, regardless of which branch these areas it moves. Before the era of digital instruments most multimeters reached only values of current, voltage and resistance measurement capacitance or...

  • Measuring the energy consumption Measuring the energy consumption

    Electricity consumption meter is a device that is used not only in industry. We are now seeing an increase in interest in energy meters, which is likely due to everyone's desire to save more - both for financial reasons and for environmental reasons.

  • Meters others Meters others

    The work of the designer, tester, installer, or equipment electronic devices often requires the use of different more or less complex measurement devices. Temperature sensors, rotation speed, light, sound, distance or force of the wind, however, is also used in many other...

  • Oscilloscopes Oscilloscopes

    Oscilloscopes are the basic measuring instruments used in electronics. They are known to all electronic engineers, both beginners and already experienced amateurs and professionals. The oscilloscope is used to observe deformed electrical waveforms and is also used to measure...

  • Generators functional Generators functional

    Device to generate signals DC. Generate rectangular, piłokształtne, sinudosidy etc.

  • Probes for measuring instruments Probes for measuring instruments

    In the category “Probes for measuring instruments” you will find a large selection of tools necessary for the proper use of any electric meter. Indicators is one of the main tools used in electronics and robotyków in daily work. Appropriate probes connected,...

  • The voltage The voltage

    Voltage indicator - On many devices, we meet the required level of voltage or current. Regardless of whether we are working on its own design laboratory power supply, or on a simple charger to charge a car battery, the correct device for the measurement of key parameters...

  • Measurement and measuring instrument Measurement and measuring instrument

    It is hard to imagine a machine shop, without a solid and accurate meter. However, this tool, especially in an era suwmiarek electronic devices that do not require time-consuming reading noniusza, as the necessary professional elektronikom whether fans of robotics. In this...

  • Weight Weight

    Accurate digital scales are useful in many applications from professional, repair, accessories. Of great importance here is not only their enormous precision, but also ease of use. Weigh items, the weight of which is limited to just a few grams, it was probably earlier, but...

  • Lighting Lighting

    Measurement of light is the main source of information in many industries. Not a way to determine the actual efficiency of the light source or a complex optical system, if there are no special, carefully calibrated measuring device. But modern manufacturers of LEDs, lamps and...



Products by page

Products by page

How to choose a measuring device?

We always adjust the measuring devices to the physical size we want to measure. In each case, we pay special attention to the level of accuracy of the measurement and its range. These are the two basic parameters that determine the effectiveness and reliability of results. In addition, devices often have their own specific purpose with the right specification. For example, a kitchen scale will not be used in a jewellery shop, where it will be useless despite the weight measurement. So you should check exactly what is the purpose of the measuring device, knowing that there are no such devices that would work well in many extreme areas. Measuring devices can be analogue or digital. Each solution has its supporters because of its specific advantages and benefits. Analogue meters are very accurate and mobile because they do not require additional power supply. Digital meters are equipped with a screen on which a specific measurement value appears, so reading is easy. In addition, they are lighter, but require power supply.

The measuring devices are used in houses and workshops or in many different places, e.g. on construction sites or in customers' apartments. Our final choice should also depend on this. Smaller and lighter gauges will work well in a mobile tool case. Larger, slightly heavier ones can be used stationary in the workshop, home or studio. The comfort and convenience of using them depends on it.

Types of measuring devices. Purpose and functions

Botland offers meters for measuring various values. With them we can measure temperature, pressure, voltage, resistance or electrical capacity. In the work of an electrician a reliable tool is a meter of electricity consumption. A device that measures the level of battery charge turns out to be useful in many situations. In the shop you will also find socket and cable testers and electric multimeters designed to measure several parameters simultaneously. At home, devices for measuring weather parameters work very well. Thanks to them you can control air purity, outdoor temperature or pressure. This is important in agriculture, among others. Specialist devices for measuring radio waves, as well as tachometers and sonometers are used. We do not forget about the basic meters, which are measures and scales and spirit levels and rangefinders. In order to adjust conditions in a particular room to the specificity of work, it is worthwhile to use devices measuring light intensity.

See what else you can measure with our measuring devices. Adjust the meters to the specifics of your work and the values you want to measure. The devices are designed for everyday, home use, professional use in workshops and employees, in the work of electricians and electronics. They are available in digital and analogue versions.