Measuring instruments

Measuring instruments In this section we offer a variety of measuring devices, which constitute an essential element of equipment of any workshop. Here, among other things, measuring and multimetry electrical, generators, functional, oscilloscopes, thermometers, barometers, higrometry, instruments for measuring air quality, scales, meters, lighting, measuring and measuring tools, as well as a wide range of cables, connectors and sensors.


  • Gauges universal Gauges universal

    Multimeter (or DMM ), next to the oscilloscope, and the second most important measuring device in each workshop and electronics laboratory from small, Amateur Studio, professional services, prototypownie whether academic laboratories. The task of the multimeter is measuring...

  • Sensors, probes Sensors, probes

    Measure the values of currents and voltages is particularly important Metrology Department, which, bypassing the specialized programs for research and development is an integral part of any electrician, and electronics, both Amateur and professional. Very often, not only in...

  • The sensors of weather conditions and air quality The sensors of weather conditions and air quality

    Instruments for measuring air quality and weather conditions.

  • Testers Testers

    Electrical measurements are an integral part of work in electrical and electronics, regardless of which branch these areas it moves. Before the era of digital instruments most multimeters reached only values of current, voltage and resistance measurement capacitance or...

  • Measuring the energy consumption Measuring the energy consumption

    Measuring the energy consumption In the era of ubiquitous devices powered by electricity, it is very important for user's consciousness on consumption of electricity . Increasingly we are committed to reducing energy consumption, and its quantity is limited. This fact...

  • Meters others Meters others

    The work of the designer, tester, installer, or equipment electronic devices often requires the use of different more or less complex measurement devices. Temperature sensors, rotation speed, light, sound, distance or force of the wind, however, is also used in many other...

  • Oscilloscopes Oscilloscopes

    Digital oscilloscope For electronics oscilloscope screen, is a window to the world – is a primary measuring instrument that allows observation of the shape and measurement of signal parameters variables. In the era oscyloskopów analog set correctly the assertion that the...

  • Generators functional Generators functional

    Device to generate signals DC. Generate rectangular, piłokształtne, sinudosidy etc.

  • Probes for measuring instruments Probes for measuring instruments

    In the category “Probes for measuring instruments” you will find a large selection of tools necessary for the proper use of any electric meter. Indicators is one of the main tools used in electronics and robotyków in daily work. Appropriate probes connected, for example, a...

  • The voltage The voltage

    Voltage indicator - On many devices, we meet the required level of voltage or current. Regardless of whether we are working on its own design laboratory power supply, or on a simple charger to charge a car battery, the correct device for the measurement of key parameters...

  • Measurement and measuring instrument Measurement and measuring instrument

    It is hard to imagine a machine shop, without a solid and accurate meter. However, this tool, especially in an era suwmiarek electronic devices that do not require time-consuming reading noniusza, as the necessary professional elektronikom whether fans of robotics. In this...

  • Weight Weight

    Accurate digital scales are useful in many applications from professional, repair, accessories. Of great importance here is not only their enormous precision, but also ease of use. Weigh items, the weight of which is limited to just a few grams, it was probably earlier, but...

  • Lighting Lighting

    Measurement of light is the main source of information in many industries. Not a way to determine the actual efficiency of the light source or a complex optical system, if there are no special, carefully calibrated measuring device. But modern manufacturers of LEDs, lamps and...



Products by page

Products by page

Measuring instruments in the workshop, Studio and home

The measured values of individuals is one of the most frequently performed surgery when tinkering, project creation, electronic or electrical devices. In order for the measurements were accurate and reliable, the necessary appropriate tools - sensors, pressure gauges and other measuring devices.

Sensors and electrical multimetry

In the category of measuring devices you will find a large selection of analog and digital measuring instruments of electrical quantities. Available tools to measure the values of voltage, current, resistance and capacitance, as well as oscilloscopes, functional generators and counters of electricity consumption. In this section you will find indicators of battery level and network sockets and network cables. We also offer a wide range of electrical multimeters can measure many parameters with a single device.

Other measuring instruments

In our assortment you will find a wide range of devices to measure weather parameters: sensors of air purity (detection of dust, smoke or the presence of substances such as carbon monoxide, alcohol, gasoline, ammonia or formaldehyde), thermometers, barometers, higrometry and pinwheels. We offer devices that allow the analysis of radio wave imagers, sonometry, the pulse generator and metal detectors, as well as a wide choice of weights, measurements and suwmiarek (both horizontally and rangefinders). In our assortment there are also light meters, i.e. devices for measuring light intensity. Visit Botland, you will also find a wide selection of probes for sensors, wires, connectors, and adapters used in the measuring devices.

What to look for when choosing measuring instruments?

Regardless of the type of measuring device and measured is not the physical size, all tools of this type have a certain level of accuracy and specific measuring range. Boarding of application is very important in the subsequent comfort of use - for example, the weight of the jewelry will be completely useless in the kitchen, while the counter for the high tension leads are not suitable for precision electronic projects. In addition, a number of measuring devices is available as version digital and analog, and both options have their pros and cons. Analog sensors are usually more accurate (although it should be considered with a greater likelihood of erroneous read data), and do not require additional power. And digital devices are often lighter and easier to carry, and to read the value leaves no doubt. However, it's power, and the result is always more or less rounded.