Chemistry and electronics are two areas that have much in common. Various types of chemical reagents are used in the development of electronic circuits and robotics projects. Specialist preparations are needed at practically every stage of the project, both in production, as well as in protection and assembly. Let's not forget about maintenance and necessary overhauls and, if necessary, repairs, where chemicals help to effectively restore the correct operation of robots and equipment. In Botland's offer there are preparations adapted to electronics and mechanics. They will work well in a domestic workshop, as well as in a professional studio. They are designed for maintenance, repair, protection and assembly. We recommend, among others, compressed air, conductive paints, lubricants and cleaners, thermally conductive tapes, protective varnishes and etchings. Check our offer and complete your equipment with chemicals dedicated for DIY enthusiasts, robots and electronics.


  • Conductive paint Conductive paint

    The conductive paint is used to create lines, patterns and buttons, as well as the connection elements and circuit boards repair printed circuit boards. Basis for the establishment of such a substance, usually paint, polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic, or water, which is filled with...

  • Compressed air Compressed air

    Cleaning the uneven, fragile and hard-to-reach surfaces with the use of traditional methods is ineffective or impossible. Traditional cloth only rozetrze dust and moistened with water, in many cases, are not included in the game. Also cleaning the nooks and crannies with a...

  • Wytrawiacze Wytrawiacze

    An independent manufacture of printed circuit boards that you had a laborious, hand draw tracks on the Board today – in the era of laser printers and photochemical methods – was, on the contrary, glad. Before starting, you should still purchase a supply of...

  • Lubrication & cleaners Lubrication & cleaners

    In each workshop, electronic and mechanical will need a set of carefully selected chemicals, lubricants and cleaners. The specific choice depends on what kind of work is performed by electronic, mechanic or engineer. Some of the products contained in this category will be...

  • Paste and tape termoprzewodzące Paste and tape termoprzewodzące

    Paste and tape termoprzewodzące used to improve circulation of heat between electronic elements and cooler. Through the use of termoprzewodzącej tape or thermal paste, the excess heat is more effectively withdrawn from nagrzewających part. Certain types of pastes and strips...

  • Protective coating Protective coating

    The base PCB is its body. However, in many cases, even a securely sealed housing is not enough to provide sufficient resistance to adverse weather conditions, especially that the layout needs to be protected even after many years. Small particles of dust and moisture can...



Products by page

Products by page

Electronics chemistry - both basic and advanced

The electronic circuit will only work well and for a long time if it is properly secured. This includes soldered and printed circuits. Special attention should be paid to difficult environmental conditions, in which increased protection is required. For this purpose, protective varnishes and epoxy resins are used. They are characterized by properties allowing for effective protection against dust and moisture as well as short circuits and increased leakage currents. Protective varnishes are available in various variants. The choice should depend on the place of application. In spray form, they are ideal for evenly covering larger surfaces. If we protect small elements, additionally located in more difficult to reach places, a good choice will be liquid paint, which we apply with a brush. We also recommend conductive varnishes. Their task is to repair damage to, among others, membrane keypad contact fields.

In the case of SoC processors and integrated motor controllers thermally conductive pastes are used, which are responsible for receiving heat from high power elements. Compressed air is used to clean the corners of the components, which should be included in the equipment of every electronics. They also use various types of lubricants with lubricating and reducing friction between two moving elements. If you're into simple circuit boards, check out the BareConductive range of conductive inks.

Printed circuit board production. What kind of chemistry do you need?

Printed circuit boards are produced by both amateurs and professionals. Chemicals will prove their worth in any of these cases, both in simple, hobby projects and professional prototyping. It is then obligatory to supply an etch (sodium sulfate). It is designed for the etching of high-quality printed circuits. It also minimizes the risk of harmful etching and copper damage. With the etch press, the etching process is faster. However, it is also worth taking care of the right conditions, i.e. maintaining the correct temperature and movement of the liquid.

In the production of printed circuit boards, a reagent and a developer for photolacquers will also be useful. During soldering, you should use preparations for the current-free tinning of copper, which greatly facilitates and accelerates this process. It effectively protects the paths against dangerous oxidation.

The range of chemistry in Botland is very diverse. We have prepared for amateurs and experienced robots and electronics technicians basic maintenance measures, as well as preparations that definitely facilitate work at individual stages of projects. In addition, they show the ability to improve the performance of systems, robots and machines, protect against external factors and possible damage. Check what we can offer you! Choose the chemical agents best suited to your standards and work specifications.