Electronics is one of those units of equipment that are very willing to use different kind of chemicals. At each stage of the life of the project, from production of the printed circuit Board by mounting and protection to until after inspection and possible repair – it is necessary to use special preparations for electronics or fine mechanics. In this category were chemistry for electronics, which you need in your workshop or in the workplace, in daily activities for installation, maintenance and repair.


  • Conductive paint Conductive paint

    The conductive paint is used to create lines, patterns and buttons, as well as the connection elements and circuit boards repair printed circuit boards. Basis for the establishment of such a substance, usually paint, polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic, or water, which is filled with...

  • Compressed air Compressed air

    Cleaning the uneven, fragile and hard-to-reach surfaces with the use of traditional methods is ineffective or impossible. Traditional cloth only rozetrze dust and moistened with water, in many cases, are not included in the game. Also cleaning the nooks and crannies with a...

  • Wytrawiacze Wytrawiacze

    An independent manufacture of printed circuit boards that you had a laborious, hand draw tracks on the Board today – in the era of laser printers and photochemical methods – was, on the contrary, glad. Before starting, you should still purchase a supply of necessary reagents...

  • Lubrication & cleaners Lubrication & cleaners

    In each workshop, electronic and mechanical will need a set of carefully selected chemicals, lubricants and cleaners. The specific choice depends on what kind of work is performed by electronic, mechanic or engineer. Some of the products contained in this category will be...

  • Paste and tape termoprzewodzące Paste and tape termoprzewodzące

    Paste and tape termoprzewodzące used to improve circulation of heat between electronic elements and cooler. Through the use of termoprzewodzącej tape or thermal paste, the excess heat is more effectively withdrawn from nagrzewających part. Certain types of pastes and strips...

  • Protective coating Protective coating

    The base PCB is its body. However, in many cases, even a securely sealed housing is not enough to provide sufficient resistance to adverse weather conditions, especially that the layout needs to be protected even after many years. Small particles of dust and moisture can...



Products by page

Products by page

Paints and varnishes for the electronics

Proper protection of printed circuit boards and solder joints on those parts represents a necessary prerequisite for long and reliable operation of electronic systems, in particular those which are exposed to adverse environmental conditions. It is very desirable therefore, the application of special protective coatings and epoxy resins, which not only protects the Board from moisture, dust and unwanted short circuits or high leakage currents, but, in addition, will not be an obstacle for possible repairs. In this category you will find protective varnishes in spray and liquid for brush application, as well as lacquers, conductive, serving to restore damaged tracks and fields of the contact membrane keyboards.

Chemicals for PCB production

In our store you will find a wide range of necessary chemical agents are designed to perform self-PCBs – for both Amateur and professional prototypowaniu. Etchmaster immortal, that is nadsiarczan sodium (B327) will allow You to quickly wytrawić high quality printed circuits, and if you follow several basic rules will help you avoid harmful podtrawień and damage of the copper layer. You will find here also other reagents necessary for the production of printed circuit BOARDS, including a universal developer for fotolakierów (compatible with lucky Positive lakierowanymi layers of the laminate when exposed to light) or drug for bezprądowego the tinning of copper, which greatly simplifies soldering self-made tiles and ways to protect from oxidation.

Other reagents and chemicals

On lacquers and means for the production of printed circuit BOARDS is not the end of our range of chemicals for electronics. Here you will find, among other things, toothpaste termoprzewodzące facilitate the reception of heat from elements of high power (e.g., large MOS transistors, processors, Controllers, or chips of drivers of engines), a wide range of lubricants and cleaners, as well as zamrażacze and compressed air (requires non-invasive cleaning and cleaning the nooks and crannies of the various components, as well as in the diagnosis of cold lutów and microcracks). We also have conductive paint from the BareConductive, designed for quick implementation of simple printed circuit boards.