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AVR microcontrollers are a combination of microprocessor components necessary for their cooperation, concluded in a separate, small chip. These programmable electronic devices are one of the most important elements in the design phase of embedded systems. With their help, you can implement software control of external physical processes, such as, for example, light effects, motors, sensor devices, measuring systems, and more. In our assortment you will find the most popular Atmel microcontrollers AVR, as well as dedicated modules rozszerzeniowe, programmers and books, containing many practical information about their programming.


  • AVR microcontrollers AVR microcontrollers

    The AVR Processors are a group of inventions that have revolutionized not as much electronics and computing, but almost every possible plane in which these two areas play an important role. For computers and phones, every currently produced car, home theater, vending machine...

  • Modules AVR Modules AVR

    The small size and the variety of applications is one of the most important advantages of Atmel AVR microcontrollers. The community of users of AVR microcontrollers around the World includes both Amateurs and professionals, so you can easily get help when creating your own...

  • Programmers AVR Programmers AVR

    The Atmel AVR is an ideal solution as a small management system for many devices encountered in everyday life. In order for the microcontroller to operate in accordance with the project, writing program and zweryfikowaniem the correctness of its code, it must be loaded into...

  • Books AVR Books AVR

    The proposed store Botland literature includes books about mikrokontrolerach Atmel AVR, which are among the most popular in today's used programmable electronic systems for embedded systems. The proposed book is intended for a wide audience – from beginners, beginners...


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Products by page

Products by page

The Atmel AVR motor shaft for multiple applications

We offer in our store Atmel AVR MCUs are available in packages for surface mounting, as well as problems. AVR microcontrollers have the advantage over many other type devices available on the market, and their main characteristics are best described based on the construction of standard PC equipped with a card that has such nodes, as the microprocessor that controls the components of the computer, EEPROM and RAM, serial ports, and hard drive or SSD. The AVR microcontroller has all of these elements built into one chip and without the need for external components, which also takes place in the classic PC-you. AVR microcontrollers have a set of conclusions covering inputs/outputs binary inputs analog signal, and output the PWM signal with variable load. Because of this, they find wide application in many devices of daily use such as APPLIANCES, ELECTRONICS, toys cars working.

Offer many useful accessories for AVR microcontrollers

Except mikrokontrolerami AVR the store Botland, you will also find special modules of the programming, thanks to which you will be able in a simple and fast method to load program from computer to the FLASH memory. Here you will find the most interesting add-ons and extensions, such as modules to build a robot, remote control equipment, drivers, motors, as well as pads to interact with platforms, such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. If you want to learn AVR microcontrollers from scratch and to deepen their knowledge, practical and theoretical about them, also check our offer literature, which you can not only learn the basics of programming AVR microcontrollers, but also learn to design a variety of interesting devices based on Your written program code!