Output voltage 12V

We present stabilizers in the form of chips with an output voltage of 12 Volts electronic system, which have the task to keep the output at specified voltage. If you are looking for such solutions, please refer to our Department. We offer many solutions for voltage stabilization. From these certain from 1.8 V to 12 V, adjustable stabilizers, linear and switched mode, operating on the principle samoindukcji. Welcome to our store and you will surely find something for themselves.

Define stabilizers

During the search of a suitable stabilizer, for example, one that gives an output voltage of 12 V, we can meet different notation systems. One of them is a LDO (Low-DropOut). This label means the linear stabilizer involved in the activities of a small difference of voltages between input and output. Stabilizers are linear, they cost more and don't like high input voltages. Another term stabilizer is adjustable, providing adjustment of the output voltage with a potentiometer (often). The stabilizer is unregulated, and one that has pre-defined output voltage.

The perfect source?

Looking at the description of the stabilisers, they can be considered as an ideal voltage source. All this in the structure regulacyjnemu graphic which compares the current input voltage with the reference voltage and continuously adjusts output voltage by adjusting them so as to obtain the output voltage of about 12 V. however, keep in mind to not plug in the power, on the contrary, because it can damage the stabilizer!

The necessary stabilizers system

Wanting to recharge any electronic device, it is necessary to stabilise the DC voltage. Regardless of time, temperature, location of the device or of the input current, electronics likes to work in a stable environment. With the help of our range through the use of certain stabilizers, it is possible to build a transformer power supply with stable voltage. Just for the regulator to pick up the transformer, bridge and capacitor Graetza to obtain a stable output voltage!