The task of components such as microcontrollers is, among others, to control devices and smart electronic systems. Construction of microcontrollers is based on an integrated circuit which uses a processor, RAM memory, Flash memory, outputs, inputs and counters. The enormous possibilities to develop these elements are totally determined by user expectations. All the information concerning particular parameters can be found on our website in a detailed description of a given product. However, should there be any doubts or questions, please contact our specialists.


Microcontroller as a component of any professional design - take care of its performance

Microcontrollers are components that offer remarkable variety in terms of available sizes and parameters. In this category you can find different versions such as models from AVR family from Atmel's LPC or STM32 series.

It should be also noticed that the price of the tools depends on their complexity. Small 8-bit microcontrollers with a small clock frequency and flash memory cost only a few zlotys. Much more efficient tools may be noticeably more expensive, however they are also much more functional. Undoubtedly, it’s worth using more reliable and solid components when it comes to advanced and complex projects because this tiny element is extremely important. Additionally, with more expensive microcontrollers the risk of overheating, failure or damage is also reduced (if necessary, we recommend using cooling systems).

Microcontrollers around you

Microcontrollers are applied in all simple and complex devices, machines or systems. They are responsible for such aspects as contact, communication, regulation and control of input and output devices (e.g. an office printer or a coffee machine). Everything depends on how they are designed.

The phenomenon of microcontrollers is that they create a fully autonomous system consisting of microprocessors thanks to which any additional components or units aren’t required. Not sure whether a particular model will be appropriate for your needs?

As technology enthusiasts we are more than happy to answer all your questions. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate priority for the entire team.