Although electronics are developed continuously for several decades, are just some of the inventions and technologies represent a milestone in this field. Replacement of electronic tubes diodes and transistors półprzewodnikowymi was the beginning of a technological leap, which is to discover the progressive miniaturyzacją and increasing capabilities of electronics. The natural consequence of this process was the introduction of integrated circuits – first analog, then digital. Of the latest developed devices, which are currently the basis of almost all of the devices encountered in everyday life and work.



    AVR - Microcontrollers (uC) of the AVR family very popular among fans not only in Poland. Once, in the medium Bascom-AVR compiler BASIC language for these microcontrollers has led to the fact that happy used in Amateur projects. Systems of this family are ideal to study...


    We offer great brand NXP microprocessors. This high performance system is equipped with logical Cortex (M3 or M4, depending on the model). Such devices are ideal in projects where the tasks require more processing power. This is an excellent base for an advanced robot or...

  • STM32 STM32

    STM32 32-bit microcontroller offers a significant opportunity for any robotics or electronics. This is a great alternative for the popular AVR chips. Great for a simple system that performs mathematical calculations and display the result on screen or to service the robot....

Microcontrollers, or a short success story

Before someone started to think about mikrokontrolerach, the world has gone mad on the point of digital integrated circuits, which upowszechniły thanks to the huge success of the 74xx TTL family and has allowed for the construction of the first computers "real events". Despite the huge miniaturization of these devices was difficult, took a lot of space and to not a small amount of power from the mains. The introduction of microprocessors layouts containing an arithmetic logic unit (ALU), the address bus and data models necessary peripheral equipment, greatly expanded the possibilities of digital devices. However, unsolved remains the problem of complexity " – in addition to the microprocessor, it was necessary the use of a large number of consoles, external logic circuits, interfejsowych and different types of memory. Only microcontrollers on a single chip, which is able to integrate not only ALUMINUM, but also program memory and data as well as a number of additional circuits, peripheral devices (digital and analogue), allows you to quickly and inexpensively implement almost any, even very complex project.

What are the parameters of the microcontroller are the most important?

Currently leading chip manufacturers offer thousands of models of MCUs that differ by almost all parameters. Such a wealth of options at beginning of headache, but in fact is a blessing to the electronics and programmers who can almost freely choose the layouts is perfect for the needs of the specific project. For more simple applications that control or measurement is suitable for small microcontrollers, such as 8-bit AVR, PIC or STM8, as well as 16-bit MSP430. Together with increasing demands is also increasing the complexity of the architecture (32-bit), the number and variety of systems, peripherals, and greatly increase the available RAM memory and FLASH. The most complex microcontrollers (e.g. STM32) equipped, even in a coprocessor designed to perform floating point operations or systems that support the display of high quality graphics.

Microcontrollers the store Botland

As robotycy we know how necessary in our state of the art are microcontrollers. So in this category we offer a wide range of microcontrollers from leading manufacturers of these systems. Here you will find a wide selection of simple, well-known and favorite processors Atmel AVR (ATmega family, ATtiny and), not only the favorite of lovers, but readily used in simple devices of daily use... in conditions of higher and secondary technical educational institutions. For more complex projects, we recommend that MCUs 32-bit ARM core produced by the company ST Microelectronics (STM32) or NXP (LPC). Depending on version, these processors may be based on the ARM architecture Cortex-M0+, M3 or M4, although becoming more and more popular currently superwydajne microcontrollers with core CortexM7.