Output voltage 3.3 V

In our product range you will find chips, allowing the device voltage of 3.3 V. It depends on the temperature or input voltage. This is called a voltage regulator, which is a kind of electronic equipment. Its role is to stabilize the voltage and maintain it at the exit. The device worked flawlessly, you need to choose the right stabilizer for the presence of voltage. This is important because currently, almost all equipment requires power to maintain the continuity of business processes. An example of this is the laptop, which after some time of work should also be charged.

Types of stabilizers

Due to the versatility and modern equipments, we can distinguish several types of stabilizers. The most popular are the linear and pulse stabilizers. This tab applies to linear regulators. They have a simple design, which can withstand overheating or short circuit. It is an ideal solution for battery power. This product is inexpensive, given the small number of external components. Here you will get stabilizers for the different voltages: 1.8 V, 3.3 V, 5 V, 8 V, 9 V, 10 V and 12 V, and thus, easily you will be able to find a suitable for the device that should be powered. Our store offers not only a great selection, but also attractive prices.

How to choose the right stabilizer linear?

If you are on this page, then most likely you are looking for a suitable for your equipment stabilizer. You must find the appropriate type of stabilizer, considering its maximum output current. The next step is connecting it with the right combination of resistors R 1 and R 2. In the end should determine the level of power loss at the controller. This enables you to determine whether you still need the radiator or not. In case of any problems, we recommend that you contact one of our staff. We will gladly assist you in choosing the right product.