Output voltage 5V

For correct work of electronic devices to charge their batteries. No laptop, no camera will not work indefinitely without food. This process could take place, you need to purchase a stabilizer. The selection of the desired voltage, it is important to ensure the normal operation of electronic devices. Our store offers a variety of regulators with different output voltage, including output voltage of 5 V. In this category there are also several types of foods, for example, stabilizers of LDO, as well as stabilizers with different values of the output maximum current, and wherein the housing.

Stabilizers LDO

As a rule, the stabilizers need above a preset value of the input voltage from the output voltage. The mentioned value, i.e., the minimum voltage drop is quite a problem, which limits the operation of this type of system. Because of this, a special stabilizer LDO, which has very little voltage drop. Through the use of a PNP transistor significantly increases the efficiency of the system, as the voltage value approaches a stable value of the input voltage. These stabilizers have applications in communication systems, detection or advanced digital signal processing (DSP or DDS).

Features linear stabilizers

The main advantages of these stabilizers is their simple and robust construction that is reliable even in case of short circuit, over temperature, or any overload. In addition, thanks to the simple design does not require many external components. Due to this, the stabilizer having an output voltage of about 5 V is available at a price. The above features lead to the fact that it is lightweight and pleasant to use. However, in case of any problems, you can contact our shop. If we are talking about the disadvantages of the stabilisers, they include loss of power across control element. The magnitude of the losses depends on the load current and the difference voltage between the input and output of the stabilizer.

When linear regulators are the best choice?

First of all, when working, the device consumes a small current. Also significant is a small difference between the input voltage and output. In addition, linear regulators are ideal for use in systems that are sensitive, i.e. analog because the voltage is not adjusted, only slightly distorted.