Pressure sensors

The air pressure, also called barometrycznymi sensors, provides a measurement of the total air pressure, which is the runtime measurements. Atmospheric pressure varies with weather conditions and height above sea level. Depending on how interpretujesz the results of meteorological measurements with instrument air pressure, you can track weather changes with the altitude above sea level, and perform other tasks requiring precise barometric pressure measurement. The pressure sensor is a very important element in Your project.

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Products by page

Pressure sensor - Digital measurement of weather conditions

Next to such values as wind speed, precipitation intensity, air density, temperature, is essential to the measurement of atmospheric pressure. If you need to accurately determine weather conditions, it is definitely worth to choose the appropriate equipment and air pressure sensor. Modern electronics includes practical analog and digital sensor modules for measuring atmospheric pressure that ensure an accurate measurement.

Modern sensors barometric operating systems embedded in

The store Botland you will find a wide range of precision pressure sensors from manufacturers such as Adafruit, DFRobot whether Polou. These sensors are used in their circuits of high quality piezoelectric transducers Bosch family BMP3XY that allow you to measure altitude with an accuracy of 0.1 m. I2C and SPI allow you to operate sensor modules with Arduino also has libraries for service barometers digital. Measurement accuracy pressure sensors offered by us is 8Pa. Digital pressure sensors powiwetrza for embedded systems can be successfully used in the projects of the meteorological stations in dronach and other models of aircraft, remotely controlled. Also available in our assortment module czujnikowy Adafruit BMP388 designed to measure temperature with an accuracy of ±0.5°C. Using the appropriate source code uploaded to Arduino, external modules can be used for more complex measurements, for example, as differential pressure sensors.