Even in the workshop of the electronics and mechanics necessary basic utensils for marking various types of surfaces or to write. They must, however, comply with one condition: to be suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, as the use of field workers and make them able to write not only on paper but also tapes, films, discs of plastic or glass. Available in this category markers, no doubt, will find in carry-on baggage Arsenal as a professional artists, and tinkerers. Different ink colors makes it easier, and maintaining the transparency of the markings and descriptions.



Permanent markers for many applications

Permanent markers its name because of the strength of the used ink. If on surfaces that facilitate have free flowing water – such as paper, cardboard and even wood – "will continue", the markings of even an ordinary ballpoint pen, then the problem is in the tags making the material, smooth and impervious. If the base is perfectly smooth, slippery surface and apply the dye does not penetrate into its deeper layers, most popular ink will be spilled under the influence of moisture or erased with the press of a hand. Permanent markers are niezmazywalne. The ink contained therein is adjacent to the marked surface and dries quickly.

Reliable markers Pentel

In our store you will find excellent quality Pentel permanent markers. It is a reliable manufacturer of toilet piśmienniczych more than 70-year history. It is worth Recalling that the employees of the brand came up with the pens the ink the stove. Permanent markers offered by us, allow the marking of many materials (metal, glass, plastic, rubber, paper and wood). Different colors: green, blue, red and black – will come in handy when performing repairs and office. The line turns due markerom regular clear up to 1.5 mm thick.

Permanent marker for films

There are many situations that require marking materials, printed on film or plastic package. Sometimes descriptions have to be accurate, and the font small. In this case, you will receive foliopis, that is a marker for the film. In our offer we have placed high quality stationery products of this type created from the brand Edding. Ink them permanent, permanent, insoluble in water and resistant to fading when exposed to light. Foliopisy will come in handy during the description in the documentation available on the t-shirts and plastic folders like adding an annotation on the packaging of the goods (including the so-called "kangurkach", that is in the pockets of the Velcro). You can write them on the glass, and after transparencies to prepare slides for overhead projectors. Markers for films available in this category are three line thickness – 0.3 mm, 0.6 mm and 1 mm. it Should be added that the Edding markers from years indispensable in correcting minor injuries in the mosaic paths transmitted to the surface of the laminate when performing PCB by the method of transfer.