Low ESR capacitors

Low ESR capacitors - the modern microprocessor technology present in many fields of life requires power supply from auxiliary voltage sources that guarantee high current efficiency, voltage stability and resistance to any interferences, including those resulting from switching processes in power systems.


RLC - Tolerance:
RLC - Resistance:
RLC - Capacity:

The necessity to meet such criteria forces the use of a cost-effective power supply technology based on the use of capacitors characterized by small geometric dimensions and high electrical capacity at the same time. The solution to this problem is the use of electrolytic capacitors which, additionally to capacity and maximum operating voltage, are characterized by the value of equivalent series resistance (ESR).

Why is ESR important when selecting capacitors?

ESR is a parameter whose value depends both on the frequency of signals at which the capacitor works and the temperature. What is more, its value increases with time. Low ESR electrolytic capacitors are widely used in various types of power supplies - the computer ones, designed to charge phones and enabling the operation of other consumer and professional devices. In the input stages of power supplies, capacitors act as a buffer for maintaining the voltage (even if the mains voltage is de-rated), during changes when the AC voltage is converted to DC voltage and they prevent the transmission of switching faults. On the other hand, at the output stage of the power supply unit, they act as a filter to smooth the voltage course. In many switch-mode power supplies, switching processes are repeated with the frequency of several thousand Hertz. The higher the switching frequency with the use of ordinary electrolytic capacitors with high ESR value, the lower their efficiency on both sides of the power supply.

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Among the products offered by Botland, you will find low ESR electrolytic capacitors with the most popular capacitance values - thanks to the low parasitic resistance value, obtained through appropriate production technology, you will be able to successfully use them in your power supplies, electroacoustic amplifiers and other devices where high quality signal filtering and proper functioning are a must.

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