Capacitors Low ESR

Capacitors Low ESR - a Modern microprocessor-based equipment is present in many applications requires power from the voltage source subsidiary, which guarantee high energy efficiency, stability napięciową and noise immunity, and also as a result of switching processes in power systems. The need to comply with the following criteria enforcement of cost effective technologies of power, based on the use of capacitors in small sizes, geometric and at the same time high capacity. The answer to this problem is the use of electrolytic capacitors in which in addition to the capacity and maximum voltage of operation, a significant parameter is the value of the series resistance of the reception, which will be marked with the acronym ESR.


RLC - Tolerance:
RLC - Resistance:
RLC - Capacity:

Why is the ESR parameter is required in the selection of condensers?

ESR is a parameter whose value depends on the signal frequency at which the condenser operates and temperature, and, moreover, with age, its value increases. Electrolytic capacitors Low ESR are widely used in various power supply units - computer, designed to charge phones and those for other consumer devices and professional applications. In degrees input power supplies, the capacitors perform the function of the buffer, the sustained tension (also in the case when the voltage on the side of the outlet is reduced relative to the nominal power) during shifts in the degree of conversion of AC voltage into DC voltage and prevents transmission interference switch. In turn, the output stage of the power supply, perform the role of a filter, run around the eye strain. In many pulsed power supplies, the switching processes are repeated with a frequency of up to several thousand Hertz, and the higher the switching frequency when using normal electrolytic capacitors with high ESR value, the lower their efficiency on both sides of the power supply.

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