Integrated circuits

Each project requires the use of systems and modules tailored to individual user requirements. The IP suggest the possibility of automation of houses and apartments, making detailed and accurate measurements, and even the safety of residents. We invite you to see the range Botland.


  • Encoders Encoders

    Layouts, designed to measure speed

  • Interfaces Interfaces

    Voltage converters and communication systems.

  • Comparators Comparators

    The system compares input signals.

  • Chargers Chargers

    The system used for charging batteries.

  • Bridge rectifiers Bridge rectifiers

    Circuits for rectifying alternating currents.

  • Multiplexers Multiplexers

    Switching system designed to select one of multiple available input signals and transfer it to the output.

  • Optoisolators Optoisolators

    System that uses the power of light from electronic systems.

  • Converters Converters

    Converters A/C, C/A.

  • Touch-button controllers Touch-button controllers

    The IP to implement touch sensors.

  • Transistors Transistors

    A transistor is a semiconductor electronic component. He has the ability to amplify electrical signal. The first transistor was constructed in 1947 by John Bardeena and Walter Housera Brattaina.

  • Triacs Triacs
  • Logic circuits Logic circuits

    Automation of homes, which once were something extremely complex and expensive, today it is very normal that the homes most of us! Often we are not even aware of the fact that the basic equipment of a residential building has additional components that a few years ago was...

  • Darlington transistors Darlington transistors

    Amplifier circuit for bipolar transistors with high gain.

  • Timer integrated circuits Timer integrated circuits

    Signal generators, clock RTC.

  • Operational amplifiers Operational amplifiers

    The system, whose task is to perform an operation on the signals.

  • Voltage references Voltage references

    The layouts of the rollers the exact value of the reference voltage.

  • Stands for integrated circuits Stands for integrated circuits

    Stand for mounting circuits in buildings through installation.

Products by page

Products by page

The IP for every fan of automation

Often we are not even aware of how basic equipment of our apartments, built and improved. What was formerly a special range for the elite, today there are in every house – even a simple radio, was once the pinnacle of human potential, and today you can purchase it for a few dozen rubles in any market. What is included in the composition of this object? The simplest integrated circuit using a fuse, transistors, converters, A/C and C/A etc. the more complex the design, the more nodes will use, including the skills of designers have to be on a higher level. We recommend you to see the range of Botland store, where you can find all the necessary elements of the integrated circuit (e.g., patterns of stress, chips logical, temporal, transistors, converters, interfaces and chargers). If you are not sure, your choice, our team of professionals and Amateurs, happy to answer all your questions, doubts and messages that everyone was fully satisfied with their choice.

You can fix your broken equipment – select best components

Electronic equipment can be damaged from day to day, even if it is seemingly new and has just passed its warranty. We live in an era where it is easier to throw out the old equipment to the dump, or to resell it to someone for a nominal amount and get rid of unnecessary assortment than self-interested in the question of repair – although the experts are also capable of quick replacement of a few fuses to pull their customers a lot of money. In Botland store you can find everything you need for self-repair of any electronic instrument! We invite you to make and receive knowledge about the technology, which each year is characterized by an increasing development – in addition, it is a great pleasure and huge satisfaction.

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