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The appearance on the market of the servos changes the engineer production automation and many other industries. At a later time, there was a miniature servos for modeling, which have also become popular among designers of robots and various vehicles with a remote control. Except serwomechanizmami, the store Botland you will find the necessary equipment , and various other useful accessories for feeding, such as branched wires, brackets and orczyki.


  • Orczyki for filing Orczyki for filing

    Serwomechanizmy are inextricably linked not only with modelarstwem RC, but also broadly understood robotics as amatorską as a professional. Huge range available on the market service allows you to create devices quickly, accurately and efficiently. In the case of small...

  • Holders and mounts for serv Holders and mounts for serv

    Designers of robots Amateur very willing to use the Arsenal of tools and materials intended primarily for modelers. No wonder – the requirements of small robots from the point of view of the limitations of weight and size entirely, and the resulting forces and torques...

  • Wire for supplying Wire for supplying

    Wire feed is used to connect the servo driver. They allow you to connect one, two or more supply (in the case of branching wires) to the Central control device. In this category we offer a wide range of circuits for supplying high-class. There are cables of varying lengths...


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Products by page

Products by page

Universal holders for mounting servos in various sizes

Since all components containing moving mechanical elements, as well as the servos require appropriate fasteners. On offer are Botland specially designed brackets for mounting servos are available in various shapes and have a large number of holes that allows simple installation of servos and other components, as well as very good will start following where the design of each robot or vehicle with a remote control. Mounting brackets made of anodized aluminium and painted with black powder paint and decorated in a reliable and very solid construction. There are also a platform on which to build driven services platform for mounting a camera to track faces.

Useful accessories to extend the functionality of the servos

If the design of Your robot or airplane with remote control reaches colossal dimensions, and to control some of its components, requires the use of two servos operating in parallel, a very useful addition to the cable is branched, by which you can connect two serwomechanizmy to one output driver. The range of shops available Botland wire branched Y-type with length from 15cm to 60cm. In addition, to ensure the stability of the voltage to the servos and to eliminate distortion of a control signal, you can connect the capacitor with the selected standard output, allowing you to connect to the power supply. We also offer orczyki compatible with services such as "standard" in different lengths and different system holes for installation sockets.