Connectors ARK

Connection of SHEETS in the form of modules consisting of at least two terminals with screw terminals that are isolated against each other. Such screw connections are used for crimping wires which are not soldered directly to the PCB. Connector ARK is equipped with a large number of findings, provides the ability to connect large number of wires, for example, the shared contact of the mass on the PCB Board, circuit, switches and electrical sockets, as well as modules of the distribution voltage and devices TV. The store Botland you will find the connectors ARK - type male and female with different number of insights.


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Design and types of connectors ARK

Most often, contacts pinouts connectors of SHEETS made of a copper alloy, which is durable to mechanical deformation that may occur during the installation of the conductors made of the same material as the terminal output. This solution prevents the weakening of the cable and reduces the risk of corrosion of the contact or leads, as well as made of less durable material than the contact of the output connector. Connection of SHEETS have different types of cleats insights for their manufacturing mechanical. Among them distinguish, first of all, screw terminals that use screws with hex head or Phillips head to grip the conductive part of the electric cable. This is one of the easiest types of wiring, often used in industry. Provides a constant and stable contact, even in high stress areas. Another type of connector ARK, is a spring clip that in its construction uses the strength of the mechanical stress of the springs that hold the cable to the junction. This clip is a great alternative to a screw terminal and is used on pipelines of small cross sections and with a limited amount of space for components and parts in the device.

Power connectors for many applications

Our offer also includes DC connectors with an external diameter of 5.5 mm and internal diameter 2.1 mm or 2.5 mm. This connector is for connection of AC adapter, for example, the distribution module voltage monitoring system of the image. In turn, 12-pin electrical cubes, ideal when installing or modifying electrical devices on construction sites.