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4-pin Molex connectors have become the standard in computer construction. In this regard, they are currently the most common type of power connection for computers with ATX power supplies. The four-pin connector is a standard introduced by the world-famous Molex company and although you can also find connectors from many other manufacturers, the classic 4-pin connector will be most often associated with the Molex brand. It is a company that manufactures and develops new cables, plugs and electronic connectors.


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It is worth noting that there are several types of four-pin plugs. In this category, you can buy 4-pin Molex connectors, four-pin plugs for printing, pins for sockets with different rasters, SATA adapters and other power cables. In our offer you will find everything you need to be able to use these solid connectors in your project. You can choose between cable-mounted and PCB-soldered versions. The huge popularity of Molex connectors results from excellent electrical parameters as well as simple, but well-thought-out design. Check out all the products below now!

How do Molex 4-pin connectors work? Security basics

The contact thickness of Molex connectors, perfectly selected by the manufacturer, allows the transfer of currents in the range of 7A. This value is sufficient for many devices we build. The Molex connector does not allow reverse connection of the plug to the socket. Thanks to this, we are dealing with an additional security function. The lack of possibility to reverse connection of the plug with the socket means that it is protected against short-circuits and reverse polarity of the supply voltage. It is crucial for systems not equipped with appropriate protections. In turn, the reversal of the poles of the supply voltage is most often catastrophic for electronic systems, and in extreme cases it may lead to damage to the power supply, overheating of the wires or even to a fire.

Practical application of Molex connectors

Today, 4-pin connectors are slightly less used than they used to be, but they are still very popular. A simple, four-pin design, cables with an exceptionally comfortable plastic plug, are features that make it easy to recognize products such as 4-pin Molex connectors. The four wires have different functions. The two middle ones, black in color, ensure safety (electric mass). On the sides there are energy supply wires - red and yellow. Most often, the former has +5 V DC, and the latter is +12 DC.

The pitch of Molex connectors for installation on printed circuit boards is 5.08 mm, which significantly facilitates their use in new projects. A significant advantage of Molex 4-pin connectors is their compatibility with ATX computer power supply wiring harnesses. Thanks to this functionality, we can use these efficient and popular ATX power supplies in our own projects without having to recover connectors from old devices. Using power supplies just becomes easier thanks to Molex connectors and definitely more affordable for everyone. What's more, we can choose both an angular and a straight version, which makes it easy to adjust the direction of the connector operation to the dimensional conditions of the housing of our device.

Molex 4-pin connectors

4-pin Molex connectors are appreciated by both beginners and the most advanced electronics and DIY enthusiasts. This is due to the fact that their use is relatively wide, and the simple and safe design means that there are no installation problems. When designing a PCB, remember to use mounting holes with the correct diameters. Molex connectors for mounting on wires consist of a plastic housing and contacts that must be crimped on the isolated ends of the wires. When selecting the pins, pay attention to their type - the plug works with male pins, and the socket should be connected with female pins. Detailed information on this subject can be found in the technical documentation available on our website. Also, remember to carefully check the product card of the selected connector to find out the detailed technical parameters. Choose the best connectors in Botland now! If so, we will be happy to help you with your choice!