Battery - Any electrical device to enable it to function, requires a source of supply voltage. In the case of mobile devices when there is no access to mains power, the problem would be solved by using battery - an electrochemical voltage source. In our assortment you will find the popular batteries to power various electronic devices including toys, small mobile devices, robots and modules. Our offered batteries are available in different forms - both popular sticks, flat batteries for watches , so-called pills and much more.


  • AAA batteries (R3) AAA batteries (R3)

    Battery R3 AAA From among multiple battery sizes some of the most readily used in devices of daily use. This group includes the popular " little fingers ", as they specify the battery in the amount of R3, also denoted by AAA. Despite similar size and voltage battery can...

  • Batteries AA (R6) Batteries AA (R6)

    Batteries R6 Battery - size AA , that is the popular sticks are probably the most commonly used power source in the battery devices of daily use. Before selecting a battery, you might consider the feature of the equipment in which they worked – in terms of devices ideal...

  • Batteries C (R14) Batteries C (R14)

    Despite the huge popularity of all kinds of batteries, including, of course, are most often used at present, lithium-ion and lithium-polymer, classic, battery remain efficient and easy to use power source for mobile devices. The dimensions of most of these one-time sources of...

  • Batteries D (R20) Batteries D (R20)

    Dimensions of batteries and accumulators determine their volume, energy efficiency and usefulness of specific types of equipment. Selection of power source is always associated with a compromise between dimensions and electrical characteristics that compromise imposes itself...

  • Battery 9V (6F22) Battery 9V (6F22)

    Battery 9V 6f22 battery - In this category we offer batteries dziewięciowoltowe disposable. There is salt and batteries 6F22 6LF22 (long life), as well as alkaline batteries 6LR61. All products in this section are in standard housings PP3, and their nominal voltage is 9 V. in...

  • Batteries pills Batteries pills

    Button batteries, sometimes called guzikowymi, particularly readily used in a wide variety of small devices – both mobile and small hardware computers. The range of applications extends from LCD table clock, watches naręcznych and IoT devices, through desktops and controllers,...

  • Batteries other Batteries other

    Despite the expansion of mobile devices with batteries – phones, tablets or smart watch – a device still based on conventional, disposable batteries. This applies not only to instrumentation, sensors, alarm systems or a remote control is also a flashlight, rebar photo (for...


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Products by page

Products by page

Which battery to choose?

Botland store offers batteries fingers in size AA (R6) – popular ”fingers”, which are used to power many devices such as remote controls, toys, clocks, drivers, Central heating boilers, ringtones for door or alarm sensors; AAA (R3) – so-called ”little fingers” to power small portable devices, and lighting in the bike; D (R20) to power robots, devices, modeling boot post boot and other devices with high power consumption, and a flat battery 6F22 9V battery used for feeding, in particular, sets the Radio, sensors, and guitar effects. In addition, we also offer button batteries to power watches and latch memory settings and specialty batteries for non-standard sizes of food, such as cameras or car key rings.

Battery technology – what you should pay attention to?

Elektrochemicznym battery voltage. This means that the electric energy flowing from the battery is the result of chemical reactions occurring in its internal structure. The oldest form of conventional batteries link salt. Characterized by high internal resistance and is a good power source for devices with low current consumption, such as small, radio, dvd, toys, and flashlight pocket. At low temperatures, are not too high performance and too high temperatures, as a rule, easy drying out of the electrolyte. Link zinc chlorkowe is characterized by twice the electrical capacity of the battery relative level of zinc in the Donbass, more than the maximum current, and much less resistance to leakage, what positively affects its service life and the ability to work at low temperatures. Finally, alkaline batteries, whose capacity is of one unit-volume five elements zinc-carbon. Long service life, high performance and capacity loss in the amount of only 5% a year and zero content of harmful mercury and cadmium, the advantages of these batteries. And the lithium batteries in their design have greatly uwydatnioną density energy storage, a slight voltage drop when the high performance power battery, long service life and the capacity loss at a rate of only 0.5% per year.

Good battery - High efficiency and environmental protection

Good batteries are distinguished by such advantages as long service life, high efficiency, low cost, and less harmful impact on the environment. Choosing batteries for your device that you wish not to feed, pay attention to what size battery fits it – very often this information is specified on the device or in the battery containers and also in the user manual of the device. It can be popular batteries sticks or another type of food. Battery nieładowalne of view, batteries are more durable and lower cost of purchase. Remember that after the end of the battery life do not dispose of their waste in a mixed, but send them to specialized containers – batteries contain toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium or Nickel. Giving used batteries in designated collection points, you will protect the environment.