In the sector of mechanics, automation and computer application, relay, play a huge role. Without them, most of the systems would not be able to work correctly, so willingly and often used them for designers looking for innovative projects. If you want to get the best quality equipment, we encourage you to read our proposals, which are available in our store


  • Relay modules Relay modules

    Relays for printed circuit boards with pins for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other microcontrollers and minicomputers.

  • Semiconductor relays SSR Semiconductor relays SSR

    The device is made in a new semiconductor technology. You do not have mechanical contacts, which positively affects the service life and provides quiet operation.

  • Traditional relays Traditional relays

    The device is based on mechanical contacts with the conclusions that have been adapted to printed circuit BOARDS.

Products by page

Products by page

Relay in computerization and automation

Although they can be found already in every home, even if we do not have advanced systems automation (e.g. motion detectors connected to the entire installation of protective systems or automated gate), then also perform a very important role in the industry minicomputers.

We offer module one-channel and multichannel, so that every designer and programmer will find the right range for your needs. We also recommend you to get acquainted with all categories relayto which belongs, in particular, the division by:

  • relay modules meet the standards of the most popular minicomputers, which include products such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc.
  • relay, solid state drives, which are devoid of mechanical contacts and use the latest technology solid. The innovative design has a beneficial effect on the lifetime and parameters of the products
  • traditional relay, i.e. the most popular form of using mechanical contacts. Suitable for classical printed circuit BOARDS.

Relay and its important role in mechanics and technology

An electric relay was designed and manufactured in such a way that he could do, a sudden state change in the output circuits if the circuits input was met all the conditions. It reacts to changes of the input physical values, e.g. voltage, amperage, pressure, temperature, etc. Performs then, most often, a simple job, which is to disable or enable.

Small details create a unique set of challenging projects, so every fan of technology, you realize how important the role played by the quality of the materials used. We deliver to You only a selected range from the top shelf, so that each design was safe and effective in a way, a correct and satisfactory result.