Relay What is relay? Name something speaks to us, but not until the end. Every day each of us uses a variety of electronic devices and are not digging in their actions. If something works, it means that she needs to work and not work, that's what we call a specialist. And with a little participation and desires, often find themselves unable to determine what ails our equipment. We use gadgets, but to make this possible, it means that we use energy, flowing in an eclectic network. Below this, in turn, was possible, it is necessary to purchase accessories, such as, for example, relays. Their prerogative is the state change in one or more output circuits. Relay for responding to changes in specific physical quantities, e.g. temperature, voltage or current, etc.


  • Relay modules Relay modules

    Relay modules This Department in our store filled to the brim with modules relay najróżniejszego type, with a large number of channels (up to 16 on one Board), and supports various interfaces - Bluetooth, SPI or Wi-Fi, as well as with optical isolation. Each master and...

  • Solid state relay SSR Solid state relay SSR

    Solid state relay SSR - Creating or creating their model e-type dryer, an induction furnace, or, for example, the incubator will finally such time that it is necessary to select relays, and at this moment it is worth thinking about relay SSR eng. Solid State Relay . We have...

  • Relay traditional Relay traditional

    Relay traditional In this category we offer You traditional relay is a device based on mechanical contact with suitable insights for printed circuit BOARDS. We invite all masters and electronics to see our interesting range of products, selected specifically for You, our...

Products by page

Products by page

Where used relay?

It was once believed that industry is the key industry that uses relays. There is in this truth, because, indeed, in many machines or powerful control systems, we find relay. However, at present they are used more often, and it is in devices of everyday use, especially if we want to secure a higher level of automation. Relays can be found in most homes, especially those of the "smart house", where most of the things works for the team and is more modern and is based on electronic circuits. Moreover, relays are used for example for automatic entrance gate, to control the ventilation or heating, and also for protection systems, for example, motion sensors.

How to choose the right relay?

If in fact we don't know the repeaters, but we need to buy it, we invite you to contact the technical Department of the store Botland. You need to keep in mind that the relays that will not operate properly can cause a lot of damage. Because it can damage electrical appliances or even the entire electronic system, so don't be with this problem myself, and contact us. In our store you will find:

- relay modules

- solid state relays SSR

relay traditional

Thus, every person who engineered the project or gadget, we will find the desired relay. Rely on us, because we always offer high quality products. Every fan of electronics understand that often, the most important are the small, nondescript items. Such a thing is the relay. Without them, the work of electronic equipment and systems as well as machines in many cases would be impossible.