Ni-MH rechargeable batteries

Ni-MH batteries are precisely nickel-metal-hydride batteries. They are composed of a cathode, which has the form of a nickel plate, and also an anode made of a metal alloy. Ni-MH accumulators are characterized by long discharge time. During this process there is a slight decrease in voltage at the output. In the case of a low level of charge there is a sharp drop in voltage. For Ni-MH accumulators we use special chargers, only in this way we can make up for energy shortages in them. The battery is free of the harmful substance cadmium. It is also characterized by a relatively high energy density. It is used in the production of hybrid cars, but its potential is so great that it will also work well in smaller projects and electronic devices.


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Products by page

Products by page

Check our offer of Ni-MH batteries. We offer products of only reputable and proven companies, so you can buy Panasonic, Esperanza and GPX Extreme batteries from us.

What are nickel-metal-hydride batteries?

Ni-MH batteries have long been the main power source used in mobile phones. Their popularity grew with the emergence of hybrid cars in 2013, where they were used. Their operation is similar to that of Ni-CD batteries. However, they have a slightly different design, which also translates into their technical parameters and performance and working conditions. It is important to know that Ni-MH batteries have twice the energy density in relation to mass. Their advantage is also smaller memory effect than in case of Ni-CD batteries. However, one should not forget about the occurrence of this phenomenon, taking it into account during charging.

For the full potential of the battery to be used, several rules must be followed. We always charge it for at least one hour. Discharge the battery to a certain level before connecting it to a charge. However, we do not lead to a complete discharge. The battery life is significantly affected by the temperature, which cannot be either too low or too high. This means that we do not leave the cell connected to the charger for too long. This can have a negative impact on its capacity. According to many studies and statistics, by treating the Ni-MH battery properly, its life can be extended to 1000 charging cycles. This is a relatively long period of time, which, however, may shorten if we do not follow at least the basic principles of battery use.

Ni-MH batteries in our offer

We have created an offer of Ni-MH batteries, in which you will find sets containing from one to eight cells. The available variants include 9 V, 7.2 V and 1.2 V Ni-MH batteries. It is worth noting their capacities, which in this case are very different. You can choose from batteries with a capacity from 250 mAh up to 10,000 mAh, which are already designed for very technologically advanced devices and projects. We use only the products of renowned manufacturers that stand out in the electronic industry and offer the best Ni-MH batteries. You will find proposals from Panasonic, Redox, Varta, Esperanza, everActive, GP Powercell and GPX Extreme.

We have both small AAA sticks as well as bigger AA, we have NiMH PP3 - 9V, R14 and R20 batteries and 2S package. All these batteries and rechargeable batteries are used in electronics and robotics for smaller and larger projects. Check our range of Ni-MH batteries, compare the parameters of selected models and choose the one that best suits the technological requirements of your electronic project and device. They are one of the most popular types of rechargeable batteries with high potential, which is still being discovered by professionals. A well-fitting battery contributes to the efficiency, smooth operation and safety of the device. It is also important for its durability, failure rate and resistance to the load to which it is exposed by intensive work and difficult environmental conditions.