Pressure sensors

Pressure sensors (also called tensometrami) are devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy by determining the pressure force exerted on the surface and convert it to the figure, an electrical signal (current or voltage) whose value is proportional to the ratio of the pressure force. Pressure sensors find application, in particular, in various electronic scales, and wherever mass is a critical value, rzutującą on the correct functioning of the device or object. Our store also offers a beam strain gaugeto measure the strength of clip objects with a maximum total weight range from 1 kg to 40 kg.

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The operating principle of pressure sensors

Resistive pressure sensor FSR)consists of two layers, of insulated electrically relative to each other. When there is force applied pressure on the top layer in the form of a membrane foil, sheath insulating the pressure on the active layer, which is covered with measurement points electrically conductive. The more pressure, the less contact resistance between the measurement points. The conductor layer is connected under the power supply of the auxiliary voltage, and the voltage signal, which is the projection of the applied force pressure, can be read by Arduino with the help of a Converter analog-to-digital and based on the algorithm, the programs, processed the weights provided on the surface of the sensor weight. The result of the measurement can be changed on the LCD.

Important tips on installation of load cells

FSR flat sensors are made from very soft material and during their installation it is necessary to exercise extreme caution. At the stage of prototyping, the easiest way for such a sensor to be connected to the contact plate directly, or by using crocodile clips” or connection of SHEETS with screw terminals. If you want to solder the pressure sensor PCB, you must take care of the cleanliness of the grotto of the soldering and the soldering surface, as even for a few seconds can occur by flooding of the layers of the sensor, causing damage.