Sensors type MEMS for the measurement of accelerations.

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Products by page

The accelerometer in each smartphone and mobile device

If this equipment, which is synonymous with the name containing the combination of acceleration with measurement, its use is not necessary, rather, to explain to anyone. The sensors allow to check the speed of acceleration and angular velocity, which has found application in mobile equipment most users of modern technology.

Thanks to a very compact size, ease of use and mounting with the goldpin connectors or holes, soldering, accelerometers , available in our offer it is possible to use almost all devices and projects – minor consumption of electricity provides a small meal requests, offering great opportunities. The functionality of Your project can always be more than you have more information about options you can better improve – keep this in mind when creating their intellectual structures.

Differentiation of products and constant technology development

Accelerometers are used in a growing number of projects – it is possible to meet situations where even trailed to the human body for motion detection. It helps in rehabilitation and specialised research, through which we learn not only new technologies, but your own body.

We have sensors in many configurations, settings, and sizes, so we can provide You with sets of accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses that offer a variety of application. A great example are the modules used in smart clothing, sensors are used to develop unique designs based on popular systems, mini-computers (e.g., Arduino or Raspberry) and classic small products, familiar with mobile electronics range – for example, smartwatchów, smartphones, tablets, etc.

More experienced users with higher requirements, we want to offer stronger, powerful modules include, in particular, temperature sensors, vibration, light, or even of a collision.