Accelerometers - Probably you already have this device - you use it every day, and you may not know about it. This, of course, about akcelerometrze. Installed currently, almost every mobile phone, a compact device, as the name implies, is used to measure linear acceleration and angular. In our online store Botland we offer You a wide range of modules , compatible with the latest minikomputerami. In case you have any questions, we invite you to contact our technical Department. Of course, something will advise and help!

Products by page

Products by page

Accelerometer - What is it? - Latest technology with us

Used on large-scale accelerometers, are small devices that are currently installed for almost any mobile phone. They are also used in computer games - for example, in the hugely popular FIFA. Special actors (often professional players) have a number of sensors that track their every movement and transfer it to the virtual world. Later, a special algorithm and the headquarters of the people doprecyzowują every detail - thus, in computer games we can enjoy perfectly mapped all the movements of the character.

Great opportunity to a little technology - an Accelerometer in the phone and other devices

Accelerometers are small devices mounted in a thin mobile phone cases or carefully designed robot. Are small, they are easy to use and have special connectors or openings in the solder. In our store a wide range of acceleration sensors - how are sometimes called accelerometers. The devices are designed to measure linear accelerations and angular in contrast to the remote sensing devices, accelerometers measure your traffic.

A wide range of applications

Accelerometers are used to study traffic and congestion, and scale in mobile communication enables you to control phone functions through the movement of the this tablet and smartwatchy. In our offer we offer advanced modules are compatible with the most popular minikomputerami, and for demanding customers we have sets of sensors, such as vibration, temperature, collision or light. We invite you to browse our extensive offer.